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I hated it from day one.

And today was day, um, I don’t know 600?

The day I got laid off. Ha! Top that!


  1. StepfordWife

    oh damn!

    Well, on the bright side, this means you can take some time to bring the puppies to Plain-oh 😉

  2. lemmonex

    Yay! Or yay? Either way, you are out.

  3. I-66

    Wow. I don’t even know what to say.

  4. Meghan

    Holy freaking hell.
    You have got to be kidding!

    Or, actually, given THAT job, maybe we all should have seen this coming. It makes some perverse kind of sense.

    Congrats AND I’m sorry.
    I think both are equally appropriate.

  5. Velvet

    Stepford Wife – I know. The fucking Vortex. I would LOVE to come to Plano! That would be fun!

    Lemmies – True true. And I get unemployment and some piddly cash.

    I66 – Ha. Neither do I.

    Meghan – Oh, no, I’m not kidding. But they started getting really petty with everything, people were getting written up for all sorts of crazy stupid shit. They didn’t do that to me – which I would have thought would be the easier way, you know, instead of having to do a lay off, why not try to create some bullshit about how I was fucking up in some area or something. That would have saved them some money at least.

  6. Tyler

    Wow, um, Congrats??

  7. Siryn

    Wow. Well, it’s freedom and it will pay unemployment for a while. I suppose life kind of sucked for them after the fire. But then, they just sucked to begin with.

  8. Pook

    Congrats! Now you can collect Unemployment! Trust me, a little extra is better than nothing, and you were this close to walking out on them, so Win-Win! I say celebrate!

  9. Shannon

    Congratulations?!?!?! Hey, but now you’re free during the day! Lunch sometime?

  10. Meghan

    Velvet, Velvet, Velvet.

    If they had done as you suggested, it would have required them to apply logic to the situation. And I do believe that if you’ve shown us anything about this circus/company it’s that there is no place for logic within it.

  11. Washington Cube

    See if that newspaper in Delaware is hiring.

  12. MA


    It is time for you to start your own business, woman. Do it.

    Miss you!

  13. Phil

    Always better to get laid off than to quit, because they have to pay you.

    Guv’na tried for months to get laid off at this one place – he was ultimately successful, but it was the hardest work he’s ever done.

  14. Tacoma

    The fact they fired you is even more evidence of what losers they are.
    Skip winter and go somewhere south for a few months.
    That’s what I would do (GOD, I need some sunshine. ANY at all)

  15. Uncle Keith


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