My parents have been here all weekend, so sorry for the delays in the updates. Well, sorry to my one fan – Sara. Mom and Dad dragged me to the Greek Church this morning, probably to meet my husband. When Sara called and I picked up the phone, it gave some creepy old Greek Man the opportunity to come up and ask me questions about my phone and ear piece. Then he wouldn’t leave. I introduced him to my parents. Mom said he really had some balls to approach me when I was with them, and that I had to at least give him some credit. Agreed, but I still cannot help laughing at the pathetic ritual that has become my dating life.

We left Church, not soon enough to pick Sara up and do a little Wal-Marting. While she and I were alone, we laughed at the prospect of giving nicknames to all our ex boyfriends and other men from our escapades. She has Danceoff David. I have Vicodin Stealing Derek. I’ll write about him next blog.