Well, Crystal just called from her boyfriend’s house in Wisconsin. She moved out there to try to make their relationship work. (This is the relationship with the man who she was trying to ship her stuff to and he said he didn’t know his address. Yup, I really think he wants her there.) Anyway, she has just informed Sara that they are going to work it out, but can Sara keep her cat indefinitely because he doesn’t want it in his house. Then he changed his mind and said that he will let her keep her cat if she gets a job. Is that supposed to be a compromise? Some people think this is part of the sacrifice that is necessary in a relationship. Very mad at him. I think this is crap. A compromise is something like picking up someone’s dry cleaning even though it is totally out of your way and makes you late to your aerobics class. If some guy, any guy, say THE guy, asked me to give up my dog, he would be history so fast his ass would have a footprint from where I kicked him out. Perhaps this is why I am still single? It haunts me because I’m too smart to put up with any of this shit. I’m so irritated. I need a Xanax to calm down.

Damn, does anyone have any Xanax?