The Hungarian called me tonight and left me a message. I called him back and got his voicemail so I left a message. Then he called me back when I was at the dog park and since I couldn’t have the awkward conversation with him in front of all those people, I started walking home. Sammy, of course and as usual, was uncooperative. He wanted to mill around sniffing every tree he could find.

Finally I get inside and he asks me if we are going to go out again. I said “I have been thinking about that since I saw you last, and I don’t know what the problem is but I have no chemistry with you.” He said he figured as much. I went on to explain that he is so funny and witty and I have a great time with him but something just isn’t there. So we agreed to not date anymore, and he doesn’t want to be set up with any of my friends. I said it was a shame that it was at this point, and I’m sure he wants to move on and find someone new but he said that we should get a drink one night next week as friends. We’ll see if that really happens and if he really is interested in staying friends. Too bad. He’s a cool dude. I wish I could force the chemistry, but I can’t.

And speaking of chemistry, BoyFace is still M.I.A. I guess I should just get over it. I would love to know what I did, but I suppose that I never will know the truth. I feel so proud of myself for being honest with the Hungarian, I only wish BoyFace could do the same with me.

In other news, on my little Yahoo homepage in their profiles directory, I updated my “news” and put that I bought a Harley since I did finalize on it already. I got an IM in the middle of the night from my very long term ex-boyfriend that said, “You bought a Harley?” When I saw that, my stomach dropped into China and I almost threw up. He is still reading that profile in hope of finding out anything about me. He might be officially more insane than I am. Funny that we couldn’t make it work. Kidding.

Times like this, I do miss how sincere and genuine he was – in the beginning of course. It makes me realize that good ones are hard to find. Good ones with chemistry – even harder.

I spent the night looking at Harley accessories online. I am so excited!