It didn’t happen. I got to my motorcycle training class and we were in the middle of instruction and I started to get this wave of nausea over me. Next thing I know, I’m laying on the ground and everyone is standing over me asking me if I’m a diabetic. So I passed out. I have no idea why, but yes, Sara and our other friend, PinkPantyLover think it’s my lack of relationship with food. They said they have apparently noticed that I don’t eat a lot. I’m not a big eater, because everything makes me feel ill and the stupid doctors just keep throwing me on medicine instead of helping me figure out why my stomach hates me so much. Anyway, I’m going back tomorrow. Hopefully I make it through the day this time.

Last night was strange. I met that dude up at the Daily Grill as planned. (Sarcasm coming) Nice set up. Not my type at all. And in the middle of our drink that took all of 40 minutes, my phone did not stop ringing. So he went to the bathroom and I went to check my phone and had like 7 missed calls and a text message. I read the message first. BoyFace. Again, WTF? He said he was sorry about this week and he was busy and now he’s in Nebraska. We talked after that and he swears he told me about Nebraska, but I swear I don’t remember being told. Ok. All this occured on my walk home from the Daily Grill and then I met my guy friends Blondie and Boston at JR’s for a drink. Then they had some argument and it was so funny watching these two gay men have a spat. I was cracking up. We then went to Mercado and had a couple more drinks and went home. That was my last 24 hours. That’s all folks.