Well, things are moving along very nicely. Diane didn’t call BoyFace over the weekend so the sap that he is wrote her another email on Monday afternoon, only after he had logged in a bunch of times to check his emails. As always, he’s in bold.

On 08/01/2005 03:27 pm EDT, BoyFace wrote:
Hi.How is your Monday going? Did you have a good weekend? BoyFace

And she wrote back today the following today finally:
On 08/02/2005 01:46 pm EDT:
Sorry, I had a crazy weekend that just got away from me and I’ve been in this seminar for work yesterday and today. I just got a break for lunch and decided to check my mail, finally.

What did you do this weekend? Hopefully you didn’t wait for me….


On 08/02/2005 05:36 pm EDT, BoyFace wrote:
Hi,Sounds like your weekend was good!I actually got to see an old friend of mine from the Army. He was in town and we caught up on old times. Work has been busy since yesterday. Hope you’re having a good time at your seminar.Was that a kiss for me?

On 08/02/2005 09:35 pm:
Why yes! That was a kiss for you. Did you enjoy it? Do you want another?

Seminar is over, thank goodness. Tomorrow I’m going to have an easy day, so I’ll be able to email again.

What kind of plans do you have for this week and the weekend? I was wondering if we should try to meet up since this past weekend didn’t work. What do you think?

I can’t believe that I can’t get you off my mind.


So now I’m waiting until the fucker gets to work tomorrow to respond. Time to reel him in.

In New and Related Developments:
Jackie has just started writing him too. She is cuter than Diane. This is so great. She lured him in with a canned phrase. And the interesting thing to note is that Diane wrote back to him at 1:30 p.m. today, Tuesday. But around 2:30 p.m., new girl Jackie sent the canned phrase. BoyFace wrote back to her a couple times, but just responded to respond to Diane at 5:30. Is he mad that she’s not as responsive as she was on Friday? Did he make her wait it out until he was about to leave for the day? Wow.

Now here’s Jackie’s conversation so far – again he’s in bold:

On 08/02/2005 02:34 pm EDT:
Wow! You’re cute!

On 08/02/2005 02:46 pm EDT, BoyFace wrote:
Hi!Thanks. You’re very cute too…and I don’t think lawyers are boring. I think it makes you even more attractive. I like what you wrote in your description. Hope I hear from you soon. BoyFace

On 08/02/2005 04:48 pm EDT, you wrote:
Hi BoyFace,

I don’t like those phrases that Yahoo has but I didn’t know if you would write back so I took the easy way out. I’m glad you did.

I just said that about lawyers because most people think they are boring. Other than the fact that I work from 7-7 most days, I do like to go out a lot. Guess you can tell from the pictures?

So what do you do? Because I know you’re not a lawyer. (That’s a line from Pretty Woman..an inside joke with myself!)


On 08/02/2005 05:17 pm EDT, BoyFace wrote:
Hi Jackie,Did you just pick that Yahoo phrase to get my attention? :)I would have used the same one if I had seen you first. You’re right, I’m not a lawyer. I’m still laughing because I remember that scene. I live in Foggy Bottom and I work downtown. I moved to DC after college and the Army. I traveled a lot between the two and I’ve lived all over, but I think I really like DC because there are so many hidden places that I keep finding in the city (I still get lost and I’ve been here about four years).How long have you been here? And where do go out after 7-7?

On 08/02/2005 05:37 pm EDT:
I admit it. I did pick that phrase to get your attention. Actually, I was torn between a few of them, they all sound so dumb. Sorry. I’ll never do it again! 🙂

Where were you living before D.C.?

I live in Adams Morgan. I go out in Adams Morgan / Dupont. I don’t really ever have to leave that area until I go to work which is downtown on K street – where all the lawyers are! Sometimes we go out after work downtown, but usually I just want to get home.

What made you go into the Army?

What made you do Yahoo?

On 08/02/2005 06:18 pm EDT, BoyFace wrote:
Before DC, I was living outside Seoul, South Korea (I was still in the Army). I had lived here in DC during an internship in college and I think I kind of fell in love with it, so I promised myself I’d come back and live here someday. After school, I traveled and lived all over the states, then parts of Europe and down in Central America. In the Army I was stationed in Savannah, Georgia and I almost went back when I got out, but something about DC brought me back here.I know what you mean about never having to leave your neighborhood. I usually end up hanging out in Foggy Bottom, but I really like exploring the city too (I still get lost and I’ve been here four years). There’s a secret garden off Wisconsin that has an amazing view and it’s not of the city, and there’s a little place in my old neighborhood (Cleveland Park) where you can get a beer and sit outside, except it’s like you’re borrowing someone’s backyard, because no one knows that it’s there. I’m still new to Yahoo. I’ve only been doing this for a couple of weeks. I think it’s a little easier for people to let their guard down and be more open with each other. I wrote in my profile that I go out with friends and we always hear the girls standing next to us saying something about how there are no good guys in the city, and I’d always have to laugh, because if I make eye contact or say Hi, they look away or get very shy and don’t say anything. I don’t think anyone has ever come up to me while I’m out and said, “Wow, you’re really cute!” :)If you feel like emailing, mine is Asswipe@assholesandliars.com BoyFace

On 08/02/2005 10:01 pm EDT:
BoyFace –
What place are you talking about on Wisconsin and where is the place in C. Park?

You have traveled a lot. You are lucky. I haven’t and now I can’t because I am so busy with work.

You think people are more open online? I would guess it is the opposite. Or they are just big liars. Have you had a good experience so far? Any horror stories? All my friends tell are horror stories.

Email addresses already? I used my work email and I probably shouldn’t give that out. Now that I think of it, I shouldn’t have even used it for this. Are you planning to go off line or do you hate logging in to the personals?


Checkmate. Now we’re waiting for his answers to both girls which will come in the morning. Jackie, Diane and their fans (that would be you guys) will have to wait. Note how Diane has been pushed to the side. He spent the afternoon writing to Jackie and didn’t answer Diane until just now.

Now, in all seriousness, I know that this has gone way too far. But it makes me realize that I was falling for a fake man who doesn’t exist. He’s like a moth to a flame – he goes where ever the next great thing is going to be. You can never hold on to a man who permanently thinks the grass is greener on the other side. If anyone cares, I’m really learning a lot here about men. (Where the hell was this internet thing 10 years ago?) I’m so intrigued that BoyFace didn’t reply right away to Diane, yet, when Jackie comes out of the box, he’s writing right back to her.

My neighbor said that I’m committing social masochism and she’s going to make me stop soon. Sara said that I need to get some therapy. This will all be wrapped up by this weekend, I promise. Then without any men to torture and exact revenge on, I’ll be at a loss for what to write in the blog. Well, who am I kidding, I’m sure something else will happen.

And for the record, let me please re-explain the tattoo on my back. It is the Greek Goddess “Ate” who was immortal but pissed off her parents and they threw her off Mount Olympus thereby making her a mortal. When she died, she spent her afterlife haunting the men who wronged her when she was alive. Does ANYONE see any parallels here? It’s not like I just got a tattoo for the hell of it. It actually means something, ok?