It’s getting old fast. Really old. I’m doing my best to wrap this up as quickly as possible as I don’t want to write much more of this nonsense after tomorrow. Here’s the conversation with the newest of the two girls, “Jackie.”

On 08/04/2005 01:13 pm EDT, BoyFace wrote:
Hi!How is your day going?I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to write more yesterday. Work was really busy. I missed talking to you.Did you and ‘Pussy’ make it through the night? Did you end up staying in a hotel? Is that really her name? (That is really cute) :)To answer your questions…I’m still new to Yahoo, but I think it’s been pretty good so far. I have gotten a few messages that I didn’t respond to because they were kind of scary, but sometimes I meet people that I really like talking to and would like to know better. :)I don’t have any horror stories though. How about you? Have you had any bad experiences? How long have you been doing this? The places on Wisconsin and in C Park are places that you’ve probably driven past a million times (But if we ever hang out I promise to show you). I like that there are little spots that no one notices. And I love that DC has so many different neighborhoods with lives of their own. I’m not sure I’m a sports ‘fanatic’, but I love watching football in the Fall. I am a Huge NY JETS fan. I also love watching Syracuse basketball (Go Orange) and I love going up to Camden Yards to watch the O’s or even RFK to watch the Nats. Nosebleed seats, good friends (or someone special) and a cold beer on a Saturday afternoon and then maybe a night on the town afterwards, or back home to make dinner would be great (I love to cook).When I’m not working, I box at a gym downtown and I run when I get home at night. I’m not sure if that counts as playing sports though. Do you play any sports? BoyFace

On 08/04/2005 03:02 pm EDT:

Yes, Pussy is her real name. It was a toss up between Pussy and Cat. No, we stayed in and had it fixed so now we are very comfortable.

What do you think of this… I have a good feeling about you and I’m thinking that we should meet. Would you be up for lunch this weekend? I could meet you at that place in C Park. I know it’s kind of quick, but I’d really like to meet you.


And now, on to Diane:

On 08/04/2005 03:37 pm EDT, BoyFace wrote:
Hi!How is your day going? I’m sorry I haven’t been able to write. Work has been pretty busy. I would love to see you this weekend…maybe then you can get that kiss. and no, I’m not one of those guys that, ‘doesn’t give a good weekend night out to a new girl’ 🙂 BoyFace

On 08/04/2005 04:04 pm EDT:
Hey! You know what? I’ve decided we are meeting for dinner tonight. I’ve taken it upon myself to make a reservation for 8:00 at the Daily Grill on 18th and M St. The reservation is under both our names. If you arrive first, go ahead and have a seat at the table and please order me a glass of merlot. If I get there first, what would you like to drink? I’m very excited to meet you. Don’t say no.


For those of you wondering, I really did make reservations at the Daily Grill for BoyFace and Diane. When they asked me for a phone number I went through the, “Well I can’t be reached because I don’t have a cell.” She said they can’t take reservations without a phone number so I gave her a fake one. Then, the whole reservation got erased and she had to start over and said, “That’s ok, I’ll just put 411 in for the phone number.” Fine by me. But I ended up canceling the reservation by 7 p.m. when he didn’t answer the email.

In other news, the fuckers at “It’s Just Lunch” called and they have set up a date for Saturday afternoon. They swear this one is a hot metrosexual. Date #6. Well, at least it will give me something to write about. Isn’t it sad that I’m actually hoping it goes horribly wrong so I can write about it? Also, I got hit on at the dog park. That makes twice at the dog park now. I told him I was dating someone though, I wasn’t too interested. It’s funny to see how guys move in for the kill when they want to. Like vultures. I’m still scarred from the last one though – the guy with the shemale girlfriend who I keep bumping into around town. No more picking up men at the dog park for me. I went to the Harley Dealer today to finalize my purchase and get a helmet. My helmet is so freaking cool, I’m still so proud of myself for having this idea. Gonna get out there and meet my ass a biker dude. Old habits die hard. I’ve tried the D.C. preppy guy, now, back to what I know best.