This morning MotorcycleInstructor called. He said, “Ok, I get it. You want me to lay off.” I was about to walk into a meeting so I really couldn’t get into it like I wanted. I like him, I just want him to slow the hell down a little. When Sammy (the love of my life) had a rash the other day, he was insistent that it was a hotspot. But I took him to the vet anyway. MotorcycleInstructor called later and asked and when I said “You were right, it was just a hotspot” he said, “Baby, I don’t know why you can’t just let me take care of you.” Um. What? I said, “I’ve been alone for a long long time.”

R and I went to see a movie tonight at the Independent film theatre on 11th and E. We saw the Grizzly Man movie. It was hilarious. Yes, I know that stupid son of a bitch gets eaten by a bear, but he is just so wacky that it makes it totally worth watching. And damn are the fox cute. I’m even more anti-fur now.

I dragged R to Mercury so he could meet the gang. Dana did an up and down and said, “No Way.” Boston sent me a text message that said he thought R was cute. Blondie did most of the talking with him but I don’t know what he thinks. Blondie likes everyone anyway. BestGuyFriend-M, when I called him, said, “I’m asleep now, let’s talk about it tomorrow.” Nice husband you are! My take is that I have no chemistry with him. Zero. Didn’t want him to touch me, put his arm around me, couldn’t even fake a kiss at the end. Two dates with no kiss. Think he gets it?

Now, what lesson have we learned here? Well, I’ll tell you because you probably don’t know. Pay attention. When you have a zit on your cheek that has a huge whitehead on it, you should pop it. Not me, by the way…him. I feel bad for even saying that, but then again, I shouldn’t have to say it at all. It’s just something you know – like, not leaving the bathroom with toilet paper hanging off your shoe.

Here’s my scorecard:

Motorcycle Instructor: Still in the running.
R: Probably not in the running any longer.
Guy from the hotel bar: Hasn’t called yet. I’m still hopeful.
HarleyRider from It’s Just Lunch: Hasn’t called either. Not that hopeful.
A new guy, Jeff, from Still in emailing frenzy. Looks good. Could replace R since I seem to have an opening…..

My prospects, while there are a bunch, are bleak. I need to get back online. I’m going to reactivate my profile on Yahoo and see what I can rustle up.

And by the way, both fake profiles have been deleted. I’m out of the game. There’s a great ending to the BoyFace story. Can you see it? No? Oh. How about now? Let’s face it, losing his profile and email was probably traumatic enough. So, who has the last laugh now?