MotorcycleInstructor called when I was at PotBelly eating lunch with Stacy. Here it is.

MotorcycleInstructor: Hello Velvet (he calls me by my name, but in my attempt to stay anon..)
Me: Hi
MI: How are you Velvet? (why all this name calling?)
Me: I’m good MotorcycleInstructor. You’re in my doghouse though.
MI: Well go ahead. Let me have it.
Me: No. I’m past all of that.
MI: Where are you?
Me: Eating lunch.
MI: Where?
Me: Downtown.
MI: I’m not working. I could meet you at your house.
Me: You know, I really figured I would just tell you that I will meet you on Tuesday and we can be done with this whole thing.
MI: Well, we are always going to be friends.
Me: Yeah? My friends call me when they say they are going to.
MI: I told you…
Me: I need to go. I’m still pretty mad and I’m just going to say something I will regret.
MI: Ok. I’ll call you later.
Me: Ok. Bye.