I PASSED MY MOTORCYCLE TEST TODAY! I HAVE A LICENSE. Of course I don’t have a fucking clue what I’m going to do with it, but I still have it.

Ok. Not a lot to tell just yet. MotorcycleInstructor came over last night. I met him at the DMV this morning for the test and he seemed cranky. He left after I passed the road test and went back inside to get my license reprinted with the motorcycle endorsement. When I got back to my car, he had called a few times. I checked my voicemail and he left a “congratulations / call me when you get this” message. So I call him, and we proceed to have a 30 minute conversation. Um. What?? I haven’t talked to him for this long since the first week we got together. He didn’t click over, he didn’t say he had to call me back because he had to take another call. Is it possible that he senses (based on my numerous comments) that since the test is over I don’t need him anymore? Is this a psychological game we’re playing? Ha ha. Bring it on. I think I’ve proven that I am pretty good at these, even when playing alone.