Well, I got an email from yesterday’s trash, I mean, my date from last night. I’ll bold his emails so they are easier to read. He said:

hope i wasn’t too much for you last night…did i scare you away?

i did have a good time and hope you did too. i usually avoid talking politics…i don’t know what got into me yesterday.

my friend and i ended up in adams morgan (“saki”)…more drinks and a little dancing. you dance?
I replied with this:

Thanks again for dinner. You didn’t have to do that. I’m more than happy to pay. I make more money than I can possibly spend.

I try to be honest, so here it is. You scared me away. I’m too laid back for you. You, my friend, are wound very tight.

I hate to think what you were like after more drinks
And he writes back 4 minutes later:

i was fine. try not to judge someone the first time you meet them. it was awkward from the get-go…blind date and all. do you know what i mean?

All right, my commentary. First, how could I not resist throwing that money comment in there? I know that was tacky and sinking to his level, but who cares. Second, he says to not judge someone the first time you meet them? What? Is he sitting in a room with the glue open? He spent the entire night last night judging anyone and everyone, most of whom he doesn’t even know.

I didn’t answer his email, needless to say. I don’t think there’s a need to. Now, in other news…

I had the MOST WONDERFUL day today. It involved very little human contact. I slept until 12, walked Sammy (the love of my life) then went to PotBelly for a tuna sandwich. Instead of going right back home, I walked down Connecticut Avenue and bought some books at Kramerbooks and some cards and a cute little retro clock at Proper Topper below the circle. It was so amazingly beautiful outside today, I left the cell at home and had a true hippie day. It felt so good to be outside without sweating, in Dupont Circle with all the musicians and people laying in the grass. I am IN LOVE with my dog and with Washington D.C.

Tonight, MotorcycleInstructor called. He was like, “Where’ve you been all day babe?” I said, “Huh? I sent you a text message last night.” He goes, “I know, at midnight, I was fast asleep.” I said, “I knew you had work stuff to do today, I didn’t want to bother you.” I think in light of my awful date last night, I appreciate this man even more right now. He told me he might have to go to Louisiana for 10 days to help out for Katrina. All the police are supposedly going to be sent.

I’m so glad I’m not a public servant because a humanitarian I am not. I like things like air conditioning and hair dryers. I really don’t want to have to go to a place like Louisiana, Mississippi or Alabama in their current flooded condition. I hated those three states before this catastrophe, so I certainly hate them more now. Although, I would go there to save the animals. That part sucks. Most people are assholes. But the animals, they don’t do anything but love.

Wow, I’m really a sandal wearing, tree hugging, animal loving, hippie today, aren’t?