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Careless Whisper

I know I’ve gotten away from the “dating” theme of the blog the past few days, but things have been slow. The hits I’m getting online are such losers and the stupid asses at “It’s Just Lunch” have yet to get their act together to set me up with the next moron.

But, as I was walking the dogs this morning, I saw this truck outside my building. Does anyone see ANY conflict of interest between what this woman does for a living and the sexual innuendo that is her license plate?

Maybe the secret of how she “unfrazzles” parents and reduces anxiety is by simultaneously whispering and conducting the activity mentioned on her plate? Sheesh, I could have told you that.

UPDATE: Leave it to my boss to utilize google to keep him entertained throughout the wee hours of the morning. It seems that their website has a picture of Debi. If she was born in 1969 that would make her 4 years older than me. No way. She looks much older than that. And, then you could check this website out that specifically says, “Debi is dead.” So, what the hell?


  1. Berk

    what if she was born in (19)69? wouldn’t you feel silly then?

  2. Velvet

    No…come on! She knows what she’s doing! That 69’er.

  3. I-66

    I’ve gotta say… conducting and whispering at the same time must take some capital-T Talent.

  4. Berk

    “Helping frezzled parents gain confidence, reduce anxiety, and flourish in parenthood”… maybe a good 69er every so often is the key.

    I’m not a parent so i can’t vouch.

    But I’ll bet it would help with, like, other stuff… you know.

  5. Velvet

    I was going to send this in to DC-Streets blog but it was really too good. I have to keep the best material for myself you know.

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