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You Ain’t Ever Gonna Burn My Heart Out

Online dating contines to be a fruitful way to meet quality men.

I know I said I wouldn’t post anyone’s pictures, but, well, that one just takes the cake. He is wearing the colors of my college, orange and green, maybe that counts for something.

An old boyfriend of mine is now reading the blog and thinks it’s uncool that I’m posting things about these men up here. However, my response was that if these men are going to be jerks, and treat me poorly, then they deserve to be up here, for all the world to see. Well, maybe not all the world.

You all may have been wondering in the past few days (in which I seem to have disbanded my normally quasi-classy PG-rated posts to pontificate about porn, masturbation, brazilian waxes and such,) exactly what happened to that asshole we all know and hate known as MotorcycleInstructor. Well, it isn’t pretty. And, it’s over, again.

All last week he was in boyfriend mode, calling every hour, checking in, finding out what I was up to. The last I heard from him was Friday at 3. I didn’t realize this until Saturday night around 9, and then I found myself thinking “Where’s that little gnat I couldn’t get off my back this week?” So I sent a text message that says, “See how you call all week and disappear on the weekend?” He writes back, “No.” What a way with words. So I try to call, it goes to voicemail. I write back, “What no? Pick up your damn phone.” And he says, “I’m in Virginia, on my way back now.” And that’s all folks. There has been no contact since then.

He probably can’t understand why I would want something called consistency, and I can’t understand how he can continue to be so flaky. So, here it is. The uneventful, boring end to another “relationship.” See, I told you all that if I allowed myself to get annoyed enough that it would be easy when the end got here. And it has.

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    ahhh, we’ve heard it all before. You’ll take Jeff back, after he atones sufficiently, perhaps by calling you. Or maybe just showing up less than 2 hours late for a ‘closure’ discussion.

    When he goes out of his way like that, and demonstrates that you are not the absolute least important thing in his life, you find him irresistable.

    You can’t fool us.

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