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I Know I Can’t Tame You But I Just Keep Trying

I’ve got a mess of stuff today. Blogger Happy Hour last night at Pharoh’s. I wouldn’t say I’m anti-social, but much prefer the small crowd to the unwieldy one. When Rob realized I had arrived, he said to us, “I’m glad you came. I got here at 7:00 and it was just me and the bartender.” I said: “Yeah, that happened to me once.”

KOB also came by to say a few words and I shared my horrible story about my blog getting republished on some crap site who isn’t giving myself or many other bloggers the credit and links they so legally deserve. Then KOB told me that I’ve been prolific lately, and usually with a dating blog the writer ends up finding a boyfriend and the blog dies. I told him that didn’t seem to be a problem for me. And this morning I woke up thinking, “Shit, I couldn’t find a good relationship if I crashed my car into it.”

Talked to Martin and Joe. There were others but I’m lazy and I’m trying to go out to lunch so it’s quick. Then I trotted home. Fuck. Even that’s an outright lie. I didn’t do any such thing. I stopped at Esther’s house and drank a beer with her and the Queen of Quantity. They were present for the HornyHungarian from Chi Cha last week.

Finally, Bilious Pudenda is back on the continent and he’s up to his old torturous ways. Sorry to any and all who are offended by the lunatic. I’m working on getting him committed. It will be a while though, because the straitjacket I secured for this event was stolen by Tom Cruise’s people.


  1. Kristin

    I’m still laughing over the “Yeah, that happened to me once.” That’s gotta be the quote of the week.

  2. Johnny

    is it 4pm yet

  3. playfulindc

    Hahahaha. You guys make me wanna sign a lease.

  4. I-66


  5. Washington Cube

    Awwww…to what Playful wrote. Isn’t that sweet?

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Miss Velvet.

  6. Kristin

    Last night, as I was making dinner, I remembered you telling the bartender that you deleted him from your cell phone. I started laughing all over again. (You know I love that line.)

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