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Fuck You Michael Vick. I Hope You Die.

Ask the NFL to suspend Michael Vick here.

Also ask the Atlanta Falcons to do the same.

Fucking cocksucker. I hope he gets some ass ramming in prison.


  1. b

    Well, the Falcons have at least told Vick to NOT report to training camp til the investigation is over….which will take MONTHS!

    Fuck him and Fuck his ‘friends’

    Thanks for posting this. and I fully support PETA and Vick (both of em) can FUCK OFF!

  2. homeimprovementninja

    Yeah, I heard he was fighting dogs in his backyard and I wondered why he wasn’t fighting people. I mean, he’s a pretty big guy so I don’t think it would be a fair fight. So, yeah, fuck him.

    Also, he’s got millions from playing the foosball and he’s gotta try to earn a few extra bucks by torturing animals. Even if he keeps his job, I’m glad he’s losing his endorsements.

  3. I-66

    You probably know already where I stand on this without having to think about it.

  4. Ashburnite

    I posted something as well, but you pretty much took the words right out of my mouth. It makes me so sick that someone could do something like that. And the way some of those dogs were killed? Well, Vick deserves a bullet to the head- but that would be too quick.

  5. JohnnyDC

    How is this news compared to Lindsay Lohan getting arrested again?

    Now with cocaine???

    Its delicious! Muhahaha!

  6. Melly Mel

    One thought…what is the difference between hunting ducks and/or deer and dog fighting? I don’t support either, but I don’t see PETA going after the NRA! Hmmm, maybe Michael Vick just happens to be a good story.

  7. Velvet

    Melly Mel – He had 65 dogs at his house, and when they weren’t deemed worthy for fighting he electrocuted them by wetting them first, or drowned them and utilized other punishments to death that amount to “cruel and unusual.” Shooting a duck is different to me than drowning a dog. Though, I’m a vegetarian, so neither is really suitable for me, but I understand the whole chain of life thing. Peta most likely doesn’t support the hunting either, but, in this case, it is the method.

    They go after chinchilla farmers, a cause near and dear to my heart. What those poor little guys go through is horrible.

  8. I-66

    She don’t eat meat, but she sure likes the bone!


  9. playfulinnc

    Since I live in the area, the news has a regular update with video of the story. May he rot in a Virginian prison and be strapped to one of those rape things he used.

  10. Sam

    He will rot in hell. He needs to die an agonizing death. I would pay to see it. There are many who would pay for the privilege of torturing this sick fuck to death. I pray he suffers for the rest of his life – and that evil family that spawned and supported his evilness. They are monsters, too. They make the world a sad place to live in. I wish he’d kill himself, but that would be too quick and humane. God, I want him to suffer. I hate his worthless cowardly sadistic guts. I hope he’s raped and beaten in prison and lives to have it happen over and over again. I hope someone takes a hammer to his joints and chops off his penis and shoves it in his mouth and he lives to endure more torture. One agonizing death is not enough for him. I’d like to rip his flesh to shreds and piss on the wounds.

  11. Daver

    I rarely get fired up about the News, but a Dog Lover and Animal lover as well, this just drives to an anger level I have not felt in a long time. There is really no satisfying method of torture to a grusome and painful death that would satisfy my anger for this sad sorry product of a deplorable upbringing. He is a product of his environmment – as Metallica says “Sad – But True”. Part of me would love to give the process a shot – the other part looks at the parents – socialization – and the sad state of the NFL for the answers. In my not-so-humble opinion, the NFL as most sports these days is way too “Finish to the Death” – BRAINWASHED. Way too much anger in the World. This truly sad scenario is a product of the School System – the Church (“In the Name of God -you MUST Die!”), lack of control by parents who are clueless as they are too preoccupied by keeping up with the neighbors and the crap on TV, Sports as an acceptable vehicle to “Kill ‘Em ALL” mentality, an manifested in that God aweful thing called “The News”. Yes, I would also like to personally kill Michael Vick and the rest of his stupid idiot “friends” – one by one. However, it does not solve the problem and if you have read this far, you know I am right. So, what am I going to do? Keep the pressure on the Atlanta Falcons, the NFL, Sports in general, the Church, our stupid clueless Government and maybe if enough of us work together, our communal voices can positively impact those in (perceived) Power to “do the right thing” with Human Garbage like this sad excuse for a “role model”. Thanks for reading this…

  12. Velvet

    Sam – Whoa! I thought I held the trump card on hate, but you really cornered that market. I look at my little doggies, and I can’t believe that anyone could want to take dogs and breed them to fight. I’m thinking this subject deserves another post which I will do next week, mostly from my own experience with my dogs and fights they have been in.

    Daver – You’re right, and I did read it all. I’m definitely an animal lover too, though not an extremist. I don’t eat meat because I just find it gross, but, I don’t fault others for doing so. I also don’t think cruel torture of animals should be tolerated. At one time, this wasn’t even a felony. I lived in Atlanta a while back and two kids set a cat on fire in the parking lot of a petsmart, and since they were juvvies, and since it wasn’t a felony, they got a slap on the hand. Really? That’s the best we can come up with? When as Ashburnite said, it is proven that violence on animals translates to violence on people. Ugh.

  13. Sam

    Thanks, Velvet. Yes, my hatred for his monster masquerading as a human is a level I have never experienced. I pray his fall from grace is excruciating beyond his cowardly tolerance for the rest of his worthless life. I have written and called the Falcons, the NFL, and NIKE to TERMINATE him. Of course, in those missives I was polite and civil. Here I can say what I really feel. Thanks for this forum.

  14. Velvet

    Oh, I agree. And I hope people don’t forget about this when the next big thing comes along – whether it be another Harry Potter or another Lindsey Lohan arrest. You know the country is pretty fickle. Today’s scandal is tomorrow’s casualty of amnesia. Say what you feel. I sure as hell do.

  15. Sam

    Thanks, Velvet. Great site and great name. Please call Roger Goodell at 1-212-450-2000 and ask or tell him to terminate vick’s contract. vick will never play again no matter what the outcome of the trial. vick will not get any more money for his lawyers. There will be a penalty for the Falcons and the NFL, but at least the money won’t go to the monster. Please call.

  16. Cappie

    This being, if he can even be called that, should suffer the worst death possible. Maybe we should impale him!! There’s an idea. And let some of his “yo, dawgs” knaw on him as he dies slowly. I want nothing but horror for this shcmuck as long as his insignificant life may go on.

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