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Oh Dr. Brownstein…

You are lucky you are married…

I thought about posting something similar this weekend, but he beat me to it!


  1. Barry


    You always were a dream student!

    When I first started to talk about the housing bubble and began to forecast the demand for bailouts, I hoped we would never see the day. Sadly, the impact on all of us has only just begun.

  2. wildbill

    I know I’m in the Minority but seeing the Over-priced,Over-valued,gi-normous Real Estate market swallow the eastern seaboard with all their seductive lies “your house is worth more than you think” fuelling the “flip” market just turned my stomach! Rural property values are in the upper middle-class range now & the only place you hear the words “affordable housing” is when a developer needs some variances or Habitat for Humanity.
    I say: bail NOBODY out! let the bubble burst and let the true price of unregulated development,Republican Mis-management of the public money & this un-winable “war” on terrorism hit HOME!

  3. wildbill

    Many of the same folks who wanted Bush for 2 terms should see exactly how their decision will affect them Directly!

  4. Bill

    It’s true that we’re all being asked to bail out not only those who bought more than they could afford (and might claim ignorance) but those in financial industries who knew exactly what they were doing. I’m not much in favor of either, but we do as a matter of public policy subsidize home ownership and housing-related industries. Deductibility of mortgage interest, FNMA and so on. A bailout might just be another subsidy. How do we decide when enough is enough? How do we decide that the economic effects of a burst bubble are so broad that we need as a matter of economic policy to intervene? And do we need to regulate the mortgage / financial industry to ensure that the abuses don’t recur? Or maybe the public should get out of the housing subsidy game entirely, and truly let the market operate freely?

  5. I-66

    [blank stare]

  6. Elvis

    I expect nothing less than a full bail-out of the mortgage industry from the same government that doesn’t even apply Generally Accepted Accounting Principles to its own finances. The same government that counts Social Security “revenue” for purposes of offsetting budget deficits (and then ignoring it for the next 20 years as it goes bankrupt). The same government that ignores the debt, budget deficits, and inflationary pressures from having all that debt (ie, the Dollar on foreign markets is worthless). I expect the govt to things along the lines of the galactically financially irresponsible — bail out the mortgage industry, ignore New Orleans some more, sell more dollars to China and maybe even peddle bonds at 3 and 4 percent to the elderly (keep up with inflation much?).

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