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When Karma, Unlike KArmA, Comes For the Good People

I am the first to admit, I’m a bitch. At the risk of jinxing myself, I have NO IDEA how I have such incredibly good luck. I think it’s some sort of ploy on the part of the universe to get me to reverse my non-God believing ways and embrace Christianity or some other such nonsense.

Yes yes, what the hell am I rambling about…

Good things happen in threes.

Yes yes, last post, happy happy joy joy. There’s that.

Then, there’s the fact that someone actually showed up at my condo and actually handed me cash for the Harley which I am so happy to have off my plate of burdens right now. (This is part of my plan. Yes. I have a plan! I made a list of priorities and Thora and Sammy ranked number one – higher than the Harley. So I sold the Harley to pay for Thora and Sammy’s operations. Thora’s needs new knees. Sammy already had his lump of fat removed.)

Then, yesterday, the same day I got that check in hand, I trotted off to the dog park to announce that I had the cash to get dog operations for all! When the peeps dispersed, I was walking home and this happens:

Lady: Uh…
Velvet: Oh my…
Lady: Is this?
Velvet: IT’S YOU! OHMYGOD!!!
Lady: Is this Zoe? Did you adopt her? I thought she would be back in Georgia now.

(My friend pipes in with, “She really has, you should hear how she’s been trying to find you.”)

The lady. The LADY! The LADY WHO WANTED ZOE! The lady from the adoption in Alexandria! She tried to get in touch with us. We posted online for her. And yet, we meet, in the middle of Dupont Circle, her thinking that Zoe was either adopted out to another family or back in Georgia, me thinking the lady could live anywhere in the metro area and we’d never find her. And she lives two blocks from me! On the same street!
Zoe went home with her yesterday and they are going on a vacation for one month to Florida, starting today. I told her I’d foster Zoe until she got back but she said, “Nope! I want my dog!”

I called Holly on speaker and said, “Guess who I just bumped into?”

We were screaming (it’s a NY thing) to each other SHUTTHEFUCKUP SHUTTHEFUCKUP SHUTTHEFUCKUP!

I’ve got plenty to be Thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. I-66

    I think all this means you should call me more often.

    Hooray for dogs finding homes!

  2. homeimprovementninja

    Hurray for Zoe!! But now I miss my puppy. Those lesbians from the doggie adoption stole my puppy!!!

  3. mysterygirl!

    Hooray! That’s so exciting. Yay for Zoe!

  4. Patsy

    I bet Sammy and Thora were thankful as well 😉

  5. suicide_blond

    OMG…i cant believe lucky bitch!!!
    Oh good for Zoe!!!

  6. Momentary Academic

    I am so happy about this. So very happy. HIN, you know who is still available…

  7. Velvet

    I66 – Yes, you started off a series of good luck for me yesterday.

    Ninja – Jesus Fucking Christ. We TOLD you to adopt her. We BEGGED you to. But, you were waiting for a fluffy frilly dog to walk by with a bow in its hair.

    MG – I’m very happy!

    Patsy – I think those little bastards high fived each other. I gave them bones and had a chat with them thanking them for being so nice this week.

    Blond – I know. Really. I don’t deserve this stuff…

    MA – Ninja sucks. He’ll never get that doggie. Though, one of “Karen’s” littermates was returned in Jersey. So, maybe Ninja could get that one.

  8. Hammer

    Certainly a happy story even to people who were not involved in the backstory, but for those of us who were there at the main event and saw the lady spend literally hours *almost* adopting Zoe, this is SPECTACULAR news!

  9. barbara

    But Zoe has you to be thankful for! You have this way of persevering when others would just give up. I’m so glad this all worked out.

  10. blueseaglass

    U know it was just good doggie karma!

    Yay for happy doggie operations!!! Stewart McBordercollie has to have some fat thing removed too. Poor bubba.

    Love ya baby -have an amazing turkey day!!!

  11. Valley Girl

    Happy Turkey Day to you!

  12. Not So Little Woman

    Yay! I’m happy Zoe went home!

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