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Once Upon a Time There Were Three Little Girls Who Went to the Police Academy…

Ugh. I have no idea why my brain is suddenly and consistently on childhood-rewind, but anyway.

I keep thinking about this drink my brothers and I used to be obsessed with in the 70’s. It was a milk / Yoo Hoo drink that came in a can. It was in the refrigerater section where you would buy regular milk and cheese. You shook the can and it was this thick like pudding milkshake. I called my brother to ask him if he remembered the name of the drink and all of a sudden, we’re back in the 70’s, watching Charlies Angels and drinking orange juice that came out of the freezer and was, yes, “concentrated” – hence the “not from concentrate” disclaimer on OJ now. I think they can stop with the “not from concentrate.” No one even knows or cares what that means anymore.

In my search for this drink, I stumbled across the following.

Enjoy the biggest timewaster ever.

Click “Tick Tock Toys.” I’m obsessed with the retro food packaging section.

And if anyone remembers that milk drink, can you tell me? I think it starts with an “F.” If I-66 was in his 30’s, my money would be on him. I think Cube and possibly Hammer are going to be my best bets. Help me! It’s driving me crazy!!!


  1. I-66

    I think you just called Cube and Hammer old.

  2. Red

    What about YooHoo’s. Radar loved those.

  3. Hammer

    Sorry – it’s only sparking the vaguest tickle of a memory. We were pretty much a Nestle Quick house. We couldn’t afford much of the cool stuff back then – when the other kids were wearing their Zips, I was wearing Traxx from K-Mart.

    And for the record, compared to I-66, EVERYONE is old. I have T-shirts older than that kid.

  4. 6s & 7s

    Poor I-66, at least he was never molested by me. Or was he?

    Velvet, you are a yankee. I would remember something that tasty but I have a feeling that it wasn’t sold in the south. Either that or all our food stamps went to PBR.

    What happened to the landing strip post?

  5. ma

    You were one of those kids allowed to have that kind of stuff. I don’t remember it–and I’m not that much younger than you are, but I wish I did.

    Cube will save the day!

  6. Velvet

    I 66 – You little troublemaker. You’re just jealous because for once, you can’t solve a trivia question! If I’m calling them old, then I’m calling myself old too b/c we’re all roughly the same age.

    Red – No, not yoo hoo. I’ve never had yoo hoo but it wasn’t that.

    Hammer – I have underwear older than..oh, wait, forget it.

    Sixes – You didn’t help me with the pictures so I couldn’t finish it!

    MA – We just stuffed it in the cart at the grocery store, our parent never knew!

  7. 6s & 7s

    yeah well I was drunk and trying to pass out. I didn’t know I was on assignment.

  8. Cunning Linguist

    Are you talking about “Frosted?” They were shakes that came in a few flavors back then.

  9. I-66

    Sixes – You wish you molested me. You probably could have if you hadn’t been after the sweater vest 😉

    And I know I’m not the youngest reader here. Come on now.

  10. 6s & 7s

    There is still time my friend.

  11. homeimprovementninja

    My favorite food memory was of “The Hot Dogger” by Presto. It cooked hot dogs with electicity, so they were always uniform in tastiness throughout.

    Letting 7 year olds handle live wires plugged into outlets probably wasn’t the safest thing in the world, but this was decades before frivolous lawsuits.

  12. E

    Clearly, I am the youngest reader. In my day, my brother and I would ride up to QuikCheck and buy Bazooka, Big League Chew, Bubble Tape, and everything else with sugar that we could get our hands on, especially Pixie Stix.

    Was it Chocolate Quik?

  13. Washington Cube

    I think you are remembering “Great Shakes” that came in packaging, tubes AND cans. See URL:

    But let me keep looking, and if that young whippersnapper 66 will just help me back onto my walker, I’ll scooch on outta here. 😉

  14. Washington Cube

    and oh yeah…if you go to You Tube and research milkshake…you can rap songs and fat white people shaking their flesh. You also get Daniel Day-Lewis doing his “I Drink Your Milkshake” freak show at the end of There Will Be Blood. Jes sayin’. Help me back onto my heatin’
    pad, 66.

  15. Cunning Linguist

    Cube, I think Great Shakes were mostly powder based and had to be mixed. I’m pretty sure she’s referring to “Frosted” but I’m not 100% positive.

  16. Velvet

    Ninja – I don’t remember that. Was it only in the Bronx? Wait, where did you live? Anyway, that looks like a contraption the ghetto would use to cook the dawgs all at once.

    E – JERSEYYYYYYYYYY!!! No, it isn’t on that website, my brother keeps calling it a Frostee. But I found a message board where they said it was a “Frosted.” That rings a bell, but the bell isn’t loud enough for me to be convinced. Liquid pudding in a can. Yum. Are you too young to remember Reggie Jackson bars?

    Cube – That 66, he really likes to poke fun. It wasn’t Great Shakes either, though I did see that in my search.

    Cunning Linguist – AHA! See, you think it’s Frosted too. Wait. You’re not my brother trying to convince me that he’s right by pretending to be someone else, are you? I want to find a picture of that shake. Damn. It’s killing me.

  17. Washington Cube

    Yeah..starting to think she means Chocolate Frosted Shake.

  18. Washington Cube

    …and just to wipe it off the do know in New England that they call milkshakes…frappes?

  19. I-66

    Sixes: I hope you don’t expect me to visit you all the way up there…

    Fairy GodCube: You probably need a heating pad like I need a prostate exam.

    Velv: Poking fun is in my blogger job description. Right next to “blog occasionally.”

    E: Yes! See?! Thank you, I am not the youngest. So there, the rest of you.

  20. I-66

    …and I miss the way bubble tape (6′ of bubble gum for you, not them) disintegrated into almost nothing after 10 minutes of chewing. Big League Chew, however, was the shit.

  21. Uncle Keith

    Fizzies were great. We used to chuck ’em in the fish tanks at school and kill all the guppies.

  22. Washington Cube

    You can still buy Fizzies at Vermont Country Store:

  23. hmm

    Where can I email you if I have kind of a weird thing to tell you about one of your older posts?

    I think I heard the other side of a story from a guy you wrote about. Your version makes a lot more sense than his did.

  24. Velvet

    Cube – I suppose that’s it. I would need to see the label, because i can see it in my head, but just don’t remember that it was “Frosted.” Of course the more I say it, the more it rings true.

    I66 – Uh, you DO know better than to mention prostates with Sixes and Sevens on the board. She’ll give you the exam…she has the toy chest to prove it.

    Uncle Keith – Oh you bad bad boy. At least you didn’t skin cats. Wait, did you?

    Hmm – You know, all I can say after the giant heart sink of nerves, is “OH NO!” Who on EARTH could this be about? Thankfully, everything I’ve ever said in relation to the men I’ve dated is true. And if their character assessment deemed it such that I declared them an asshole, well, then so be it. Anyway, I emailed you. But it’s velvetindupont @ Yahoo

  25. Red

    Could your drink be a Frappe?

  26. Velvet

    No, it’s not a frappe. It was definitely a brand name, and frappe was more the description of a type of drink, like how we have latte now. And I really barely remember frappe’s, I think because being a New England thing and I’m from the last town in the last part of New England, mere minutes from the NY border. I think our Friendly’s had them though. Or something like them.

  27. I-66

    Ever been to Ridgefield?

  28. Washington Cube

    I’m sitting here nursing a fractured rib, and I send a friend over to your blog to try and help out, and what does he say to me when he gets here? “Nice calves on the bike.” Jesus, Velvet. Laughing.

  29. The Stoic

    Damn, here I was thinking I was the youngest reader here, having turned 23 this past July. Oh well. I do have some cousin’s that are about your age though, and since Florida is nothing but a 2nd New York, they may have sold it there.

    Sixes: I need to get down to Solly’s for some PBR one of these days…damn good stuff

  30. E

    I also wanted to point out that there are two possible explanations for why you are in childhood-rewind: either your biological clock is reminding you why it’s ticking so fast (that being because children are a huge time suck) just in case you were ever pondering having kids, OR you are peri-menopausal.

    Anyway, maybe THIS Friday we can have a celebratory bitch fest (doggies included)?

  31. 6s & 7s

    Big League Chew. 66, I am in love. Where I am from, during truth or dare you were forced to chew both the gum version and the real stuff AT THE SAME TIME. It’s a good way to induce vomiting (out your nose even).

    Stoic…You can’t HANDLE the PBR, as my previous porcelain throne could remind you. Oh but you did spank a bottle of Jack in one right. You’re learning kid, glad I could help.

    Prostates. I haven’t had one in at least a week!

  32. homeimprovementninja

    The Bronx? Don’t even! Ummm, you’re from Connecticut, so you’re every bit as “Bridge & Tunnel” as me, sister.

  33. I-66

    If not for the fact that I’m pretty sure I can’t bring Chick Magnet on the metro I would bring her to the park, especially considering I have to come into the city anyway on Friday.

    Sixes: Okay, chewing big league chew and actual chew at the same time is terrible. I think I might take “truth” on the regular if I had to choose between that and the chaw.

  34. I-66

    …oh, and I once bought PBR out of a vending machine in Steve’s Bar Room. $2.

  35. sixesandsevens

    PBR Vending? Man. They have to have that here in Pennsyltuckey. If not, I am moving.

  36. E

    Party at the dog park! Maybe Sixes can bring her cat. The other cat.

  37. I-66

    I dunno if it’s a party for me, E. Do you have a bag or something I could carry this in on the metro? Not exactly inconspicuous.

  38. Hammer

    Nevertheless, please tell me that at least once a week, you yell “This is why we can’t have nice things!” at them.

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