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Save Annie!

My friend Holly, rescuer extraordinaire of all things dog, has had trauma at her house. Sammy’s girlfriend is in trouble!

There was a dog fight between a foster dog and Sammy’s girlfriend Annie, who is now at the vet in ICU!!! Annie’s neck was ripped open, her back was ripped open and the wounds are so bad the vet is giving her a 50/50 chance to live. Annie is at East Paulding County Animal Hospital and you can confirm by (770) 445-7300. (Sammy is a refugee of Paulding County too.)

If you can donate even $5, $10 or more, please send via paypal to



  1. Sixes and Sevens

    OMG. They are too cute together. I gave $50 and if I have to whore to get more, I will!!!

    Poor Annie girl!

  2. Uncle Keith

    I sent mine. Best wishes for Annie.

  3. Johnny DC

    I guess all doggies dont get along! Hooda thunk?

  4. Juju Bean

    Poor little Annie! I’ve sent some help her way, and I really hope she pulls through. Stories like that make me so glad I have pet insurance for my own little guy, just in case.

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