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The Smartest Thing You Did Was Take a Chance With Me

Take a forgotten horseshoe crab shell, a spare set of house keys and no particular plans for Monday other than retrieving that horseshoe crab shell, and you’ll find out that your man is running rampant in your life for a few brief moments…chatting with your dog walker, eating lunch at a neighbor’s restaurant, and using your makeup.

Fortunately he only used my MAC eyeliner to write me a note:



  1. zipcode

    that is too sweet – can we clone him? where is a man like this? seriously

  2. Catherine

    They just do not make men like that in Arizona..I tell ya.
    I’ve been married for two years….the only thing he does is ask for a BJ…and since he won’t even take me out to answer is NO!

  3. Cunning Linguist

    The Chicken and The Egg Catherine…The Chicken and The Egg.

  4. Shannon

    That’s Mr. X’s handwriting? It’s kind of, er, chick-like. On the plus side, the t upper-connecting to the h in “with” is a sign of intelligence in handwriting analysis.

  5. Velvet

    Shannon – Are you implying I wrote this myself? I haven’t done that since the fourth grade, I swear! Oh, wait, maybe that one time last year when…anyway, yeah. That’s all.

    Zippy – I told you. He is right in front of your nose! You watch Miami Vice with him!!! You know exactly where he is.

    Catherine – Now now, I’m sure there is at least one man in my favorite state in the country who would write a love note with a MAC eyeliner pencil. Your dinner/BJ ping pong match is very funny though.

  6. bejeweled

    That. Was simply awesome.

  7. zipcode

    Velv – we have seem to have had a fallen out of sorts and not talking to each other – he was in New York with me when I was up there – too much drama with him.

  8. suicide_blond

    im barfing a little…at how sweet that is… good for y’all!!! *hugs*….

  9. Uncle Keith

    Ewww, he used that “L” word.

  10. mysterygirl!

    Do want.

  11. freckledk

    Where’s my insulin?

  12. hostess

    …are you sure the dogwalker didn’t write it??

  13. wildbill

    You’ll have to leave that pencil there, in case he gets the idea to write a cozy little note like that again- also, you’ll save the rest of your eyeliner!

    I think Sammy & Thora put him up to it.

    What did you do with the horseshoe crab shell?

  14. JohnnyDC

    I woulda wrote:

    Glad you cosigned this no money down, interest only ARM.



  15. Brian

    Nothing wrong with a guy being romantic. I hope you gals appreciate good duders like this. They are few and far between.

  16. barbara

    He is definitely a keeper! Do you realize you never mention lying, cheating, or any of the other negatives that used to fill your posts? I have so many questions, but I would only sound like a mother if I asked them, so I won’t. My daughter has trained me well…

  17. LivitLuvit

    It’s good to know mine isn’t the only perfect man out there… there’s a perfect man for every good girl…

  18. Phil

    Calm down ladies. I’m sure he still scratches his balls at inappropriate times, splatters urine on and around the toilet, and occassionally believes when Velvet says “nothing’s wrong” that nothing is wrong.

  19. allezoop

    Love is grand.

    Teh Smitten never splatters when he pees and takes out the trash without fail. He also has made my niece and nephew love him almost as much as they love me, all of which makes me a little swoony.

  20. Zandria

    Okay…I have to say I really like this. So sweet. 🙂

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