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Part 1: I’ve Been Sitting Here Trying to Find Myself, I Get Behind Myself, I Need to Rewind Myself

And so it begins.

I feel like the Velvet / Mr. X love story is somewhat hackneyed. Velvet was a tell-all blog for so many years, then, much like any normal person would, I became secretive and only put out bits and pieces because what was going on in my personal life was so, well, personal. It just didn’t seem that the internet was a place to rehash it all. It wasn’t up for discussion. It wasn’t up for scrutiny. It wasn’t up for criticism. It wasn’t up for envy. It wasn’t up for anything but mystery.

Truth be told: Velvet & Mr. X is perhaps the greatest love story never told. It is probably the only thing I could fashion into anything resembling a manuscript that could become a book because of how incredibly it unraveled.   Weaved throughout the story of how we met and how we fell in love are the recurring themes and lessons so simple and intuitive that I learned no amount of matchmaking or other romantic engineering (like the internet) could ever have been a success. I’m very much a believer in fate. I always have been. And the man and I are proof – When it’s meant to be, it will be.

I don’t know if I have the patience to   recreate all the encounters, all the history, all the details needed to accurately tell the story. I know that if I were to ever try to sit down and write it for real, the manuscript would probably be rejected by every publisher as cliche and predictable because they would see the ending as clearly as I saw that first day post-Lasik.   Anyone. Anyone that is, except Mr. X and I. So while everyone who knew us figured we were messing around the whole time, we were the only ones not privy to that rumor. We were both going through the motions of respective relationships with other people. And we were both failing miserably. Obviously. See: Velvet Archives for me, Divorce Court for Mr. X.

Things are moving ahead so fast right now that I feel like we’re making history faster than I can retrace it. And discussing the here and now doesn’t make as much sense because the meaning is lost on people who don’t know the history. So I have to bridge that gap.   It’s not going to be easy to recreate these years, but I do like a challenge so I’m going to try. I’ve wavered with closing down the blog once and for all and just moving into oblivion with my perfect little life. But that’s not fair. It’s not fair to me. It’s not fair to Mr. X to not tell the world (or the few readers left) just how wonderful he is. It’s not fair to the friends who have stuck with me through all these years.

And perhaps what hits home most of all, it’s not fair to the girl who came here to read about the escapades, the men – more bad than good, the bad dates, the boyfriends, the hopes, the drama, the depression. The girl who encounters Pick Up Artists in clubs and wonders when the world became so shallow. The girl who is still looking and still stumbling over all the wrongs wondering if she’ll ever find the one.

There was one overriding conclusion about me over the past years that people would convey either in comments or in emails to me. The readers were rooting for me. So I just want to tell any of those originals who may be left, and anyone I picked up along the way – I won. I won the full jackpot more times and for more than I could have ever thought.

Starting with my next post, I am hijacking my own blog and going back to the old days. I’m going to do what Mr. X and I discussed as taking two people and tracing their movements through life and showing how they bump into each other, and how timing and such can bring them to each other only when it’s right. I can drive myself nuts with this stuff though. I start thinking: I wouldn’t have met him if this hadn’t happened, and that wouldn’t have happened if this didn’t, and that wouldn’t have happened if that other thing didn’t work out.

But I have located my starting point – The time period where the foundations were made for Mr. X to enter my life and I will tell you THAT story. I’ll tell the story that was going on at the same time all the other crap I was writing was going on, except it was the story I didn’t realize was a story.   I’m not sure how long it will take, but it is overdue in my opinion. It’s a whole new venture for me – and for us. So I do hope you will join me.


  1. Cyndy

    I was a bit of a latecomer to “The Story of Velvet” and I’m definitely looking forward to Part Two. I’m glad that you finally found true love.

  2. mysterygirl!

    Looking forward to reading all about it. But, you know, I’d read with interest pretty much anything you wrote in this space. 🙂

    (Though if you could answer the question “when DID the world become so shallow” for me, I’d really appreciate it.)

  3. Maddy

    looking forward to it…

  4. suicide_blond


  5. Dagny Taggart

    This is going to be a great read.

  6. Beach Bum

    I can’t wait to read all about it — I know I’ve been waiting for it for a long time. And living my own love story myself, it’s good to know that it’s real, not just for me, but for others too.

  7. Tyler

    Yay!!!!! After all these years of reading your blog and still being completely in the dark about where Mr. X came from, we get a story. I am so excited! Not to mention extremely happy for you two!!!

  8. Phil

    Will it involve more nudity?

  9. LiLu

    Dude, I’m stoked to ride this for the second time around. All the jumping around was giving me a seizure. Kidding. But still. Funsies!

  10. Washington Cube

    I’m here. “It was a dark and storm night….”

  11. jordanbaker

    Please tell me it doesn’t begin “it is a truth universally acknowledged. . . .”

  12. Alaina

    YAY! I’ve been reading you since 2005 (I think it was 2005…it’s been forever…I do know that!) and this is my first time commenting. As a girl that is still looking, I am excited to read the story behind the story!

  13. Velvet

    Alaina – See! You are the girl I’m looking for! I knew there were a few left, and I do think it’s time to show that sometimes love can unfold before your eyes. Thank you for coming out of hiding!

    JB – I had to google that. I’m not a Jane Austen reader.

    Cube – No, no, no, it won’t.

    LiLu – Thank you!!!

    Phil – Suggestion noted. I’ll do my breast. Best! I said best!

    Tyler – I’m so happy you’re still around!

    Beach Bum – I’m glad you are happy too, it’s a good place to be.

    Dagny – Thanks!

    SB – We’re overdue for a drink…

    Maddy – Awesome. I’m planning it out now into manageable time increments.

    MG – I don’t know the answer to that question but all these PUA’s running around are as annoying and cliche as all the Carrie Bradshaw wannabe’s from 5 years ago. PUA is the new Carrie.

    Cyndy – You have been around for a while though, at least a year or more I believe. I’ll do my best to recap and not bore.

  14. Redhead

    Like Alaina, I too have been following you for a couple of years. I read as you dated off CL, did the mistake of Sherlock, and eventually found real love. I know you used to work with him, but would love to know how it *really* happened for you.

    I’m soooo excited to read it.


  15. Velvet

    Redhead – Oh, Groan! Those mistakes. They seem so painful now, more so than back then. I’m not sure if you would have seen this, but Sherlock did buy a house across the street from me with his new girlfriend. Ugh. That was a colossal fail on my part.

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