AAAAHHHH!!! I was just walking Sammy (the love of my life) and I bump into this girl and her dog and my dog were playing and we were talking. Then, who should walk by but that guy from Safeway/the dog park with the SHEMALE. He had his arm around her. So after they pass I tell the girl I’m talking to, “See that guy? He hit on me one night in the dog park and made such a stink to tell me he wasn’t a ‘fag.'” She said they were just in the dog park fighting and she had to do a double take to make sure that it was two guys. Anyway, she and I say goodbye and I walk Sammy then start to head back. And there they are, on the front steps of the building next to mine, the Shemale is crying and the dude who hit on me is consoling her. I’m all set to just blow right by there FUCKING SAMMY!!! Damn dog goes running right up to them to get his love. Little fucker. I couldn’t get out of there fast enough. I’m going to roast that damn dog on a open flame if he doesn’t start cooperating.

The HornyHungarian called yesterday morning. He said he knows he’s breaking all the rules by calling the next day but that he “wants more.” WTF??? I’ll chalk that up to a “language barrier.” He asked me to do something Friday he called it the “prime real estate of Friday night” but I said no, that I was watching a friend’s child this weekend. Like how I stretched the babysitting of the child into a whole weekend when it’s really only Saturday now? HA! I tried to blow him off as best I could, but we all know how bad I am at the breakup thing, why should blowing someone off be any different? I’ll deal with it next week.

Anyway, the hookers and I are going out tonight. They want to meet BoyFace. (Hint, hint if you’re reading.) I really want to hook Sara up with the Hungarian but she’s having no part of that.