I made it through the class yesterday without passing out. And let me tell you all, everyone there thought I had ridden before. No one believed me that I hadn’t. All I can assume is that spending 6 years with my long term ex (who we’ll call AtlantaBoy since that’s where we lived) and his biker family that I picked up a few things. So I’m well on my way. I really never thought it could be so much multi-tasking riding a motorcycle, but it is.

The Hungarian called me when I was in class yesterday. I listened to his message – he wanted to know if I wanted to come over to his place and sit by the pool. Yes, that was just what I needed, to lay out with him on my case. I didn’t call back right away. I layed out in my courtyard and fucking fell asleep! I was really tired from the class. So I woke up incredibly tan and went back inside. I called him back and got voicemail (couldn’t have planned that any better) and said I just wanted to stay home after being out all day. He called back and said “I’m not going to stop trying.” I said, “Well, you should. I’m not going to change my mind.” Funny.

Speaking of people who have stopped trying – no word from BoyFace. If he’s too busy with school and work to make a few phone calls then I wonder what he was doing looking for a girl?