I think he’s on to us, er, me. He only wrote to Diane once. Here’s his response to her email last night and after is what she wrote back.

On 08/03/2005 02:34 pm EDT, BoyFace wrote:
Hi!Thanks for the kiss…and yes, I do want another one, but I think it’s my turn…How was your seminar?I don’t have any plans this week/weekend. Friday I might hang out after work with a couple friends of mine.I think you’re right…we should try to meet up. 🙂 B

On 08/03/2005 03:25 pm EDT, you wrote:
Seminar was awfully boring. I’ve done nothing today to compensate, however.

When do you want to try to meet up? Saturday night? Or are you one of those guys who doesn’t give a good weekend night out to a new girl?

Waiting for my kiss,

And here’s what’s gone on with Jackie:
On 08/03/2005 02:46 pm EDT, BoyFace wrote:
Hi! How is your day going? Sorry. We don’t have to exchange email addresses. I was getting tired of the word verification thing everytime I wrote something, and then I had to go offline. But we can still talk this way. No problem. BoyFace

On 08/03/2005 03:45 pm EDT, you wrote:

My day is getting better and better. I’m happy we are having a sun-shiney day and I went home for lunch to check on my cat, Pussy (that’s her name), and she is faring well with the heat since my AC isn’t working up to par. It’s making my nights a bit restless and am seriously considering taking Pussy and checking into a hotel tonight.

I couldn’t help but notice you chose not to answer any of my questions, it’s all good. Like I said in my profile I’m a sports fanatic… do you play any sports and which are your favorite to watch and favorite teams?

I love watching football, basketball, and hockey but I have to be in the mood for hockey. I absolutely love the Green Bay Packers!


This is getting tres boring. I think I fell into a coma while these boring emails were going on. I won’t subject you to anymore of this nonsense. I will get this wrapped up shortly. I’ve really let my fans down, haven’t I? I am SO BORED with BoyFace and these antics. It’s time for new men and new dirt to be introduced in this blog.

The only funny part of this is that the personals inboxes are being accessed and read by Sara, Crystal and myself. So I’ll be out driving around and I’ll get a call from one of them saying, “He wrote back!” The funniest part is that Crystal is writing back to some of the guys and saying the most obscene things. One guy, whose title was “Let’s Explore D.C.” and had a picture of his tongue sticking out, wrote to one of the fake girls. Crystal wrote back saying “Forget exploring D.C., with that tongue why don’t you explore me?”

Crystal and I had a discussion tonight about all this relationship stuff. I told her that I’m one of those people who never really knows when a relationship is over. I have never really broken up with anybody in my life and the ones I have broken up with, like AtlantaBoy, happened so far after the point where they should have. Perhaps I’m really just not good at this relationship stuff all around. Is there a degree or course I can take? Anyone?