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Pour Me a Drink and I’ll Tell You Some Lies

Wow am I drunk. Sara and I went out for “one beer” tonight. We got in there and there was the hottest guy sitting there, and Sara (go girl!) just started talking to him. One drink turned into a huge night of festivities, and we had an awesome time. And I have that dude’s number, Thanks Sara!!! He said he’ll go pick up my Harley for me. Love it. Could I be throwing another one into the mix? This is hilarious. Oh, and R called me while I was there at the bar. I had no signal so I wasn’t able to talk. I’ll have to call him back tomorrow.

As my dating increases in speed and frequency, I have got to put a rest to this BoyFace thing. Here are the email exchanges that have occured with Jackie, who was thrown on the back burner since he used all his emotion to reply to Diane today. He finally answered her late this afternoon.

From Tuesday night:
Hi BoyFace,
I got your message but there wasn’t a profile attached to it. If I respond to that will you get the message? I don’t trust Yahoo anyway, I have tried to log in at times and it says my password is changed and I know I typed it right. Hopefully you can get your stuff back. And hopefully you didn’t lose out on too many lucky ladies who were waiting to hear from you! 🙂
Sure we can try to hang out again. I figured you weren’t that interested when I didn’t hear back from you but we can meet up for a beer if you still want.

I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to write back sooner. This week has been crazy, between work and having the yahoo stuff deleted. I hope you’re having a better week than me, but I just saw what you wrote in your profile about things you’ve noticed in the personals. Has everything been going ok with the Yahoo thing? I’m really sorry that we missed eachother this weekend. I actually had to leave work early on Friday and missed your reply. Otherwise I would’ve loved to hang out on Saturday. 🙂 Did you try to call on Friday? I would still love to meet up sometime if you feel like it. Talk to you soon… BoyFace

Hi, So what happened with your email and all? I see that your profile isn’t back. Are you going to put it back up or not bother? I changed my profile to spell out things that annoy me, but it really hasn’t done a lot of good. Apparently these men are incapable of writing anything original to me. Don’t you hate that? I hate when someone can’t write something original, and it’s an email that they have sent to a bunch of other girls. But it is going well otherwise. I’ve met a lot of very nice people. Work has been crazy too. I had to sit in on a hearing this morning and the conversation got really heated and one of the attorneys threw a binder across a table and the rings in the binder opened when it was in flight and all the papers were strewn all over another attorney. They were not pleased. It got really ugly. I didn’t get a chance to call you because I left my cell phone on the metro and I haven’t done a thing yet about getting a new one. I need to wait until I get paid next week to get another. I’m helping my sister with her college tuition bill and it’s really sapped me of my extra income. Anyway, I could meet up on Saturday afternoon if you want. Or I could probably do Sunday early to mid afternoon as well. Let me know. Jackie J

It looks like I lost everything in my profile so I decided not to bother with it any more. I think I can still use this email, but I think I’ll just set up a new one and let this go too. I’m sorry things with the other guys on Yahoo are bad. On your profile you said ‘Stalker’? I can see what you mean if someone keeps writing and they can’t take the hint, but how do you know that they are sending you the same thing that they send everyone else? I wouldn’t know if someone sent me the same email that she sends to a bunch of other guys. I guess sometimes when you talk to different people and everybody ends up asking the same questions, I can see how people repeat what we’ve probably already told other people. I try not to say the same things, but I probably have a few times, about where I’m from or what I do or what I like doing. I guess I’d rather repeat myself a little when I’m first getting to know someone than lie to them. That hearing sounds crazy. I’m glad you didn’t get hurt, and I’m surprised it didn’t get physical after the binder got thrown. Sorry you left your cell phone on the metro. Can people still get in touch with you? Have you tried calling it? Hope you’re having a good day. Talk to you soon. B

I just got home from “one drink” with some friends. It’s now almost 1 a.m. So, either I worked late and still had that one drink, or I’ve been drinking all night. Wanna take a guess at that?

Stalker was a poor choice of words perhaps, but I have had a lot of guys send two and three messages. I really try to answer them all, but whatever my answer is (Dude! Raleigh is too far!) then they always have a comeback, it doesn’t get rid of them. So I stopped answering. And that made it worse, because a bunch of men keep writing. I have received over 300 emails and icebreakers since I signed up not even two weeks ago. I just can’t answer everyone.

And you would know if someone sent the same email to you that they sent to a bunch of people. It’s long and really detailed about them, and they try to put one or two sentences about you in there.

I turned the number on my cell off temporarily. We’ll see. I can’t get it back right now, the phones I like are like $200!! Holy hell!

The hearing was nuts. I couldn’t believe it was happening. I don’t think the attorney meant for that to happen, but he didn’t even try to say he was sorry! That made it worse. I was only part of the arbitration team, so I don’t know either parties, nor do they work at my firm.

I hope I make it to work tomorrow. Darn it.


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