It is so freaking hot outside that I’ve been dizzy and faint for two days.

Today MotorcycleInstructor and I spent the day trading phone calls and text messages. Then tonight I sent him a text message asking for his email because I wanted to forward something from Harley to him. He wrote back, “No.” I wrote back, “Well fuck you then.” Then my phone started ringing and my text message inbox started beeping. He called me a couple times in a row, and left a voicemail. I checked the text first. It said that he was kidding. Then I listened to the voicemail and it was like, “Baby, I was only kidding. And you have my email on my card. But I’m sorry.”

Sorry? Holy crap. I’m really putting this poor guy through the ringer. Penny, in not so many words said that I’m treating him like I’ve been treated by other men. Perhaps she’s right. I need to stop with the games.