So sorry for no post yesterday. There wasn’t a lot to report as I was mostly comatose in my bed. Still not feeling up to par. Finally on my way to the doctor today. Hopefully I don’t have some debilitating disease or a brain tumor. Ugh. To have a day without dizziness and nausea would be fabulous.

Well, I made some late night progress with the GreekWonder from that networking website. He called me last night and we ended up having one of those marathon 4 hour conversations. I was up until 2. He sounds like a lot of fun. Of course the only thing I’m wondering is that he has a string of ex-girlfriends, all of whom seem to have hurt him in some way, and his last girlfriend, not yet an ex, moved back to Russia (???) and he doesn’t think he will ever see her again. Also, he seems to date really young girls. I find that suspicious. For a single man with no kids and no ex-wives, he has a lot of baggage in my eyes. We’re going out on Saturday, so we’ll see how it goes.

MotorcycleInstructor is back to calling me often enough and we’ve been having long conversations. Still not sure where it’s going, probably nowhere, but it will be fun while it lasts.

DamascusBoy is still in the picture too. I talked to him last night before the GreekWonder for an hour. I was really burning out the cell battery last night. When my neighbor came by to drop off Sammy (the love of my life) DamascusBoy heard voices in the background and he was like, “Who was that? One of your lovers you were kicking out of the house?” Funny how these men find ways to ask without asking the question: “Are you dating anyone else?” No one has directly asked me, so I don’t really have to say, now do I?