I think I’m sick of DamascusBoy. I’m bored with that situation already and we haven’t even officially gone on a date. Ugh. At this point, it has dragged on so long that I’ve lost interest. Surprise surprise. I have dating-A.D.D.

MotorcycleInstructor called this evening. In our conversation he mentioned some girl who called for information on taking his class. He said that she lived over by the bars on 18th & M. MotorcycleInstructor said that he might be able to get her into a class in the end of September, but he also might go to Vegas, so he isn’t sure. So she (allegedly) says to him, “Well, you should come hang out with me at Camelot.” For anyone who doesn’t know, Camelot is a strip bar. I think he was trying to get a rise out of me. So I come back with, “Baby, you should go.” He goes, “What? Why would I go?” I said, “For one, she might be the love of your life.” I was totally serious. Then he said, “Please, I have enough problems with you.” And I said, “What are you talking about?” And he said, “Well, your drinking and partying for one.” Oh. I was done talking at that point. Didn’t realize it pissed him off that much.

It sort of makes me feel like going out for a beer. Anyone with me?