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It Was Only a Kiss, It Was Only a Kiss

Ok. Rewind to blogger meeting last Wednesday. It wasn’t just a kiss. Well, it was, but now we had a date today. There have been phone calls and some really hilarious text messages. Past performance in dating does not guarantee future results in dating. I shouldn’t have been so quick to say “I swapped spit with someone” so casually because this is gaining some momentum. The kiss was good. But, I want more. I want to do very bad things to him as he is incredibly good looking, free-spirited and funny. So funny. I look at him and instantly have dirty thoughts. Now would be a good time to remind one and all of my secret wish to be a stripper. In the spirit of revealing myself, I toss to you, symbolically of course, my bra and panties.

It was the bartender.

I foresee bad things as blogger meetings progress. Why am I crapping where I eat again? This is the stupidity equivalent to my dating the motorcycle instructor before the test, to my dating my R.A. in college and having to pass his door when I was sneaking home with someone else, to my dating the construction manager at a job in Maryland and putting myself in a massively awkward position in many capacities. I am dating the bartender at a venue that I will not be able to avoid in the future. I’m an idiot.

But, these are things I wasn’t thinking about when we were walking around the zoo today, eating on U street, or rolling around on my couch.

Obviously, he knows about and already read the blog, because well, he’s the bartender at a place that hosts the blogger meetings. I will continue to follow my tradition of not censoring myself. It just means that he can read everything that is written about him – or anyone else for that fact. And I’m okay with that right now.


  1. Kristin

    Wow. Is this the bartender? I mean, the one who’s always there? Interesting. New dimension.

    Why worry? You’re having fun. At least you don’t work there and there’s always the possibility that the blogger HH will change location if things go horribly, horribly awry.

    Of course, I’m doing dirty things with the bartender from my regular bar and have been for a long time. I have no idea what will happen if things fall apart. I like the bar more than him but I think he’d get it in a split.

    Have fun.

  2. Velvet

    Yup. It’s THE bartender. And he reads the f*cking blog. How stupid am I?? But he’s so good looking…

    I need more details about this bartender you speak of and this bar. I’m intrigued. I really missed catching up with you this past week, but again, don’t mean to lay a guilt trip on you! Want to try to meet up for a drink one of these nights?

  3. Kristin

    If I had been there, the night would have been TOTALLY different… We should definitely get together for a drink and catch up. We can swap unblogged bartender boy stories.

  4. TheGirlWho

    I admire you letting it all hang out.. So the dude’s good looking, your blogging about it, and he’s reading it. Is actually a fantastic form of flirtation. Right on!

  5. DireWolf

    what is it with you women and bartenders? I have so many female friends that do the bartender rounds.

    is it the fact that they are a consistent source of alcohol?

    and another random thought, if so many women are doing the bartenders, do you worry about the fact that you likely aren’t the only one?

    and another random thought, why didn’t I skip law school and become a bartender?

  6. Velvet

    thegirlwho – welcome! And thanks for checking out my blog, though, it is nothing in comparison to yours, which is an amazing piece of work.

    Direwolf – It’s a pickle, isn’t it? I don’t know why women gravitate to the bartenders. I have my own alcohol, so it’s not like I need him for his supply.

    Regarding being the only one, yes, it’s doubtful. But I’m not checking out of the dating scene either, am I? I’m about to make a post/disclaimer about “sex” since I never really mention that.

    I might not be the only one he’s with, but I can guarantee I’ll be the best. Guaranteed or your money back.

  7. DireWolf

    oh i got no problem with anyone being the only one or not, just hope everyone is careful if you catch my drift.

    now pardon me, i’m off to bartending school.

  8. Jamy

    Velvet–this is so funny! He is a cutie (if it’s the bartender I’ve met). And now you and I are in the same blogging boat–writing about dating and having the boys we write about reading.

    We’re all going to be reading after this 🙂

  9. Velvet

    Jamy – dying laughing over here. I know your pain sister all too well.

    Direwolf – I’m always careful. Didn’t used to be in the past, a few sketchy people and a clean bill of health and well, I’m a careful girl now.

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