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How Can I Love You When You Ain’t Around?

I had another dream about you last night.

I was walking around parts of England that to me were unknown. You were walking down a side street. You were alone. I was alone. We decided to be alone together. We walked in the rain, but then I abruptly said I had to go. I left you there in the street.

I ran through the wet streets to return to my dark little flat. I began to take off my clothes and get ready for bed. But then I heard my front door open. I walked out into the living room and saw you standing there, holding two suitcases. You wanted to stay. I said that was ok. I went back into the bedroom. You followed.

But, you didn’t stay. You never stayed. The suitcases were a prop, intended to get me to think this was permanent. It wasn’t. A script according to your rules. You were gone by the morning, taking with you, my heart.


  1. Johnny

    aint no angel gonna greet me
    its just you and me, my friend

  2. Rhinestone Cowgirl

    Damn those super emotional dreams.

  3. Sub Girl

    haunting dream.

  4. Velvet

    They won’t stop. I’m dreaming about him every other night now.

  5. Sharkbait

    Leaves you restless and a little apprehensive to sleep…I am just guessing.

    It would to me.


  6. Washington Cube

    I used to spend periods of time living in London, so whenever I dream about there, I, too, am walking down the streets (dream streets), but it is always happy. I hate the haunted lost love dreams. They linger and don’t let go.

  7. Jamy

    Those feelings get you one way or another–if you suppress them while waking they pop up in your dreams.

    I’ve been having very vivid dreams all week too. I assumed it was the drugs. Maybe there’s something in the air.

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