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I Heard You Found Somebody New And That I Never Meant That Much To You

Well, the art of timing is really fucking me in the ass today.

Went to the gym. Saw the trainer. Had to have a couple minutes of awkward talk as he was in one of the down moods i.e. not lavishing me with hugs. Then he meandered off and as I was finishing, I saw him standing at the top of the stairs talking to some girl. I thought about tapping her on the shoulder and saying, “Don’t bother, he’s totally bi-polar.” I had to walk right by them to go downstairs to the street.

Bottom of the stairs. Bam. Right into the one that got away. So there were a few more minutes of awkward talk.

I stumbled over my words and stumbled out the door, shaking like a 7th grader.


  1. Kristin

    That just about breaks my heart.

  2. I-66

    The art of timing is what?

    …who are you, Jessica Cutler?

  3. I-66

    …sorry, amid all her recent ‘exposure’ (used loosely), I’ve been waiting to make a joke like that.

  4. Velvet

    I 66 – Shit I wish I was JC. I wouldn’t still be in love with this dude. I would have casually moved my ass on. Literally.

    Thanks Kristin…it sucks.

  5. Kathryn

    I have yet to accidentally run into The Ex. Not once in over a year. I can’t begin to say what would happen if I did… but I do know I’m not in love with him anymore, so it might be easier than what you just had to endure.

    My heart goes out to you!

  6. A Unique Alias

    Any hope for a second chance?

  7. Velvet

    Thanks Kathryn!

    AUA – I suppose this is the case where I liked him more than he liked me. I would jump back in, no questions asked, and this blog would turn into a sloppy mushy mess of “You’re not going to believe what Chris did with his cereal this morning.”

    Eh, that doesn’t really fit me though. Maybe I’m just destined to be a dater.

  8. I-66

    I don’t like this idea of “You’re not going to believe what Chris did with his Grape Nuts this morning”

  9. trueborn

    That sucks. Running into an Ex is always awkward unless you’ve traded up, and you have your new Honey with you to rub it in.
    I’ve also been in that situation where I was much more into someone than they were into me. In the end I realized that I was worth more attention and love than she was giving me and I broke it off. Wouldn’t you know, once that happened she became more interested.
    Timing does do that do you some times, no grease.

  10. AsianMistress

    Well we all know how I handled such situations…it just happens no matter what you can’t plan for it or make it better.

  11. Larissa

    This post has been removed by the author.

  12. Larissa

    Awww I feel you pain sweetie! Last October I was at a stupid blocktoberfest party where I had been drinking all day…Just as I’m about to take a bite into a funnel cake that I spent 5 friggin bucks on, I look up to see my ex’s band playing right in front of me. Hadn’t seen him in years. Ick. Had to give the funnel cake away right then and there. We all have our guys/gals like that don’t we?

  13. Siryn

    So sorry, Velvet.

    But take heart, this is proof that you’re not emotionally empty inside.

  14. Washington Cube

    We all felt the pain on this one. Sad, sad, sad, sad, sad.

  15. DC Cookie

    I went to the bar where my ex hangs out last night. Only for a brief moment (not even enough time for a drink) to say hi to a friend who promotes there. I didn’t see my ex, but I saw his best friend. The best friend hugged me like he was happy to see me, but he looked like a deer in headlights.

    Sometimes it’s fun to see people squirm when you’re over it…

  16. Lala

    but even when you think you’re over it…it comes and bites you in the ass. i have a way of forgetting all the asshole-ness and manipulative-ness, etc. when i see that face. it is pathetic. you can get to 96% over him and then you see him and you’re back to 93%…and know you’d go back in a heartbeat if he even asked. or insinuated. my mom calls men like this stray cats…they’ll disappear but they’ll always find their way back if you feed them. stupid cats and their nine lives.

  17. chicgirl

    sorry about chris but you love yourself more – seriously, you would regret it in the end. i think you will be glad someday you looked out for velvet 1st.
    re – craigs list. all internet sites are awful. most are freaks/ most become addicted / most are lazy. just think of it as practice and good future stories.

  18. Velvet

    Thanks Trueborn!

    AM – You are soooo graceful in these situations.

    Siryn – I am really impressed by your uncanny ability to recall my posts from a few months ago. You’re awesome.

    Cube/Cookie/LaLa/ChicGirl – What are you lovely ladies doing home on a Friday night reading blogs?? Bad Girls! All of you!

    Cube – Thank you. It sucks. I will survive.

    Cookie – How long do you think it took the friend to call your ex?

    Lala – Yes, one look into his piercing blue eyes and I was putty.

    ChicGirl – Sigh. I know. You are right. Thank you!

  19. Lala

    haha, velvet…i was home preparing for tonight? yes, that’s what i was doing. and DAMN those blue eyes, that’s my problem, too. actually, my real problem is that MY “he” randomly (as in i haven’t talked to him in weeks or, should i say, he hasn’t talked to me) asked what my plans for tonight were going to be. of course i answered him. and i kind of told him (while sounding REALLY cool doing it) and now i’m afraid (read anxious/hopeful) that he’s going to show. THIS is why i have issues. 🙂

  20. Barbara

    “Got away” doesn’t have to be a permanent term. Go get him back if you want him! And it sounds like you do…

  21. alwayswrite

    It’s hard in the moment to think of this in the long term, but don’t forget that in another few months or a year he could be the one shaking over you.

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