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MRI on Hold

Apparently I was wrong. There IS going back. I went out last night and came home around midnight to find a happy, peppy little Sammy. At first he didn’t come right to the door, so I thought he was dead, but then he came out to say hi and his tail was up for the first time in days. Is it possible that all that pain medicine he was on was confusing the issue?

Anyway, the MRI was put on hold and the little guy is sleeping soundly in his bed. Thank you to everyone who has been giving words of encouragement. I need to watch him, see how he does, and decide what to do from there. The bottom line is that this spine problem, even if it is going away now, will probably manifest itself again in the future. So I’m not opposed to getting this MRI done.

Thomas – you’ve left a lot of comments that I have tried to reply to by email and you don’t seem to be getting them. I sent one last night again, let me know if you didn’t receive it and I’ll send from another email address.

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  1. Velvet

    Larissa said…
    awww so glad!

    1/11/2006 11:18:10 AM

    Kristin said…
    Woo hoo!!! I don’t even know what else to say. I am so happy.

    You just made my day.

    1/11/2006 11:34:29 AM

    Stef said…
    Yeah, happy Sammy!!!

    1/11/2006 11:44:37 AM

    Jamy said…
    Great news! I need you to pet him for me 🙂

    1/11/2006 12:40:53 PM

    playfulindc said…
    It’s just the natural way to greet you, Velvet! I wag my tail just thinking of you!

    Glad he’s feeling better~

    1/11/2006 05:38:27 PM

    Thomas said…
    I hit up your inbox Velvet!

    1/11/2006 07:12:21 PM

    Crazy Girl City said…
    Catching up now! I am glad he is feeling better. From one dog mom to another, when they get sick, it’s THE worst.

    1/12/2006 01:32:43 PM

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