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Thanks Phoenix! How nice of you!
They call this the “mountain view.” I would call it the “expensive view.” But it was what I saw every time I opened the front door to my room.
This would be their world famous waterfall, modeled after the Havasu Falls. Okay. I believe you. I tanned here like a true woman of Mediterranean descent.
This is Mojo in his Sheriff’s uniform. He wasn’t cooperating so I really couldn’t get the full effect with the hat and all. He’s HandyMandy’s dog, and also Thora’s first boyfriend.
It’s hard to see, but this truck has a little something hanging under the license plate. They were balls. Nice! I think I need those for speedracer. Thanks for making me laugh big red road-balls.
View from my balcony. Sigh. So nice. The first thing I saw when I opened my eyes, and the last thing I saw before I went to bed.
Another sunny day in the Valley. No traffic.
Two Steppin Rules
Fine Cowboy Ass
Drunk Velvet Ass
Giddey Up HandyMandy. Grrrr…..
Sigh. Thora and Sammy figured out I was walking up to our building and spied me from the balcony. Love those doggies.
And…..later that night at Cafe Citron. Still hurtin.


  1. Kristin

    Fun pics. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Law-Rah

    LOVE HandyMandy’s man in the brown shirt. YUM!

  3. Velvet

    K – Usually I hate pictures on blogs, but just cause I love the sunny skies of AZ so much!

    Law-Rah – I. Know. Hawt!!! But he wouldn’t be my type. Too obviously gorgeous.

  4. cosmic shambles

    Cowboy #2 has some serious pit-stains. Yuck.

  5. Siryn

    HandyMandy’s man has an eerie resemblance to Brad Pitt. rawr!!

  6. Drunken Chud

    ahh bull balls. i’ve wanted some for my trailer hitch for some time. but then i never did. sigh… that could have been my truck you took a picture of. if the truck you photographing was a 15 year old piece of turd. hehehehehehe

  7. homeimprovementninja

    Wait, you have a balcony? In Dupont? Okay I am seriously envious now. I always wanted a balcony so I could sit there in the mornings, drink my coffee, look down at the pedestrians and act superior.

  8. Johnny

    oh lol! ive been to citron. the scrawlings in the mens bath brag about whos ass ya grabbed.
    or something.


  9. I Love Little D

    I would marry you, in a Nabakov sort of way, for Sammy and Thora.
    I do not fold my clothes!

  10. Tyler

    The Cowboy place looks like fun. I’ve got the hat already, but I don’t think I could pull off the rest of the look…

  11. Marci

    Hottie cowboy…TOO gorgeous? Oh I don’t think so. Looks just right to me. Sigh.

  12. I-66

    …that dog has 6 legs!

  13. Barbara

    Looks pretty nice! I’m somewhat surprised you came home. Maybe it’s those dogs that brought you back…

  14. Stelawho

    Great pics! I know where you were staying, it’s close to my favorite hiking spot…

  15. Kayla

    Is that cafe citron or coyote ugly?!

    I agree with law-rah, yum on the brown shirt (although, i don’t know if i could get past the cowboy hat…. )

  16. pinktoxin

    you should have seen velvet’s ass at cafe citroen! it was hot and she was shakin it baby.

  17. pinktoxin

    btw, it’s me, Esther, hehe

  18. Velvet

    I know Esther! Cause the comment gets emailed to me, and your email addy comes through. I was just making sure it didn’t register on this site though, no sense in telling the world our real names. There are a lot of crazies out there. Most of them live in our ‘hood.

  19. Scarlet

    Oh wow…cowboy ass. Are we ALL moving to Phoenix!?

  20. Serena

    That’s two strikes, Velvet! (1) You made me think of Texas, and (2) you got me thinking about a certain cowboy I have a hankerin’ fer. ; )

  21. Velvet

    Cosmic Shambles – Pit stains = his unbelievable hotness dripping thru his pores.

    Siryn – Yup. There were quite a few more like him, but that wasn’t her bf. Just some random.

    Chud – you know what these bull balls are? Daaaaaamn!

    Ninja – Yep. It’s a little balcony, but when I threw my last bash, I think 11 people were squeezed out there.

    Johnny – But I kept giving different names, so I’m sure that’s a long list in there.

    Little D – I’ve already seen what you do to doggies. Ick.

    Tyler – Nonsense. It’s mostly an attitude. Well, attitude and tight jeans.

    Marci – you baaaad girl.

    I66 – Actually, 8. I’ve got two of them…just like you….

    Barbara – Well, I do love my doggies. But it was hard to leave. I will return there soon, hopefully one day for good, as I said to you yesterday.

    Stelawho – I tried to get in touch with you before I left. I was way up on 7th St. Loved it. Cell phone hardly worked! HA!

    Kayla – But the cowboy hat makes the man!

    Pinktoxin / Esther – Hmm. I like pinktoxin better. What a great name.

    Scarlet – I’ll save you a seat on the bus to Phoenix.

    Serena – HA!! Yum yum. I bet I can come up with a third strike…

  22. playfulindc

    Was that a bull riding pen behind V’s hot ass?

    I do think I spy something fun back there…

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