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I Am in Love With Sammy & Thora

Friday night I went to the I-66 / VP of Dior sponsored Happy Hour. Because this event was downtown, and I really despise our whole bullshit taxi system, I rode my poor neglected Harley to Mackey’s. I squeezed that bitch in between two cars and walked inside to greet the bloglings.

I did the usual Friday night routine: gym, no dinner, start drinking. This is not the best way to go, especially when Virgile Kent arrives because he starts passing the shots. For some reason, I become a very ungracious Velvet when VK hands me the secret elixir, screaming “Oh NO, I CAN’T POSSIBLY do this SHOT!” But I swigged it down, alongside a few beers and I was sufficiently buzzed. I know, what happens next is just stupid.

I got ON the motorcycle and rode home. I became a veritable daredevil, bobbing and weaving through assholes causing traffic jams where there didn’t need to be any. Then some douchebag asshole lady tried to make a left turn in front of me, into a traffic jam. Had she completed her turn, she would have stopped dead, and I would have crashed into her. But instead, I leaned on that little horn, forgetting how loud that mother is, and she stopped. I weaved around her shaking my head at her, hoping she realized how stupid she truly was.

All of this is irrelevant because the point to this story is that the motorcycle was dead the next morning. There were several scenarios that could have resulted in a dead battery, but it just meant it had to spend 24 hours on the charger. Sunday night, once my precious machinery came off the charger, I wanted to ride it up and down the garage to just make sure it worked. I cruised around a level, climbing higher in the garage when I looked down and realized Thora was running alongside me. I bust out laughing. She was so fucking cute. Her tongue was hanging down to the ground, her ears were popping up and down and I swear she was smiling. When I stopped, she stopped and looked at me. When I started going, she took off. I measured her run. She hit 12 miles an hour. Jesus. That’s faster than I can run – who knew?

I went back to see what was keeping the little sausage my other lazy dog Sammy from accompanying his mommy. He finally joined in. Here you go. I know it’s not clear, but some pictures of the Velvet family:


This post lovingly dedicated from Sammy & Thora to their friend Jake. We miss you buddy, woof woof.


  1. KassyK

    That is fucking adorable. 🙂

  2. AussieEm

    1 x *slap* for drink driving (or should that be drink riding?) well, whatever you call it, tsk tsk

    2 x *awww* for the puppies. Its been said many a time before, but they really are the cutest little doggies.

    3 x *quelch frozen fruit sticks* because theyre yummy and Ive had 4 today already, so I think its time to start sharing.

  3. Red

    That’s so cool and Sammy and Thora are adorable

  4. AussieEm

    P.S. Love the new look “top bit/title font/tagline” thang.

  5. Scarlet

    How’d you get those photos?

    I need a dog!

  6. Siryn

    Cute dogs and a Harley. Vicarious living, indeed.

    Yeah, V, the new title and tagline design look great! 🙂

  7. Needtsza

    A. We need better pics of that Hog

    B. Ya gotta give it to the dogs a faster running speed than you, I mean, they double the amount of legs we have.

    C. Cute cute cute, those lil’ pups running along. Gotta love doggies

  8. Virgle kent

    Yeah sure blame it all on the hot black guy with the shots…. whatever 😉

  9. freckledk

    How sexy is it that, not only have you been bent over a Harley, you ride one as well? I’m a little smitten.

  10. *A*

    that is so awesome, they are adorable…how DID you get those pics?

  11. Velvet

    Thanks KK!

    Aussie Em – Here in the states, we call it “drunk driving.” But suit yourself. Um, fruit sticks? What? And Siryn did the work on the header, thanks for noticing…

    Siryn – HA! Does it hurt just a little when you reach around and pat yourself on the back. Love it!

    Scarlet – A friend took them for me.

    Needtsza – It is an 883 Low. The only mod. I made was to add a second seat, though I have no idea who the hell would want to ride on the back of the bike I’m driving.

    VK – By the way, thanks for bring that eye candy the rest of us know as White Dade. Yum yum.

    FreckledK – Have I amped up your girl-crush?

    *A* – I’m so totally lost on what happened yesterday, but glad it’s worked out. And a friend snapped them for me.

  12. AlieMalie

    I can just hear the one in front in the second photo barking, “I won! I won!”


    Very cute.

  13. CrazyGirl

    Thanks V. xo

  14. Tacoma

    That looks like so much fun!
    Sammy’s a guy after my own heart.

  15. Barbara

    I love them already and I haven’t even met them yet! I can’t believe you got on that thing and rode home after the HH. If your mother read this, she would probably say a few prayers of gratitude that you hadn’t been killed and then hit you with “What the hell were you thinking?” Where were your friends who should have told you NO? Oh, that’s right, they were at the same HH.

  16. Needtsza

    Seems the second seat is made for more than just riding while driving…more like riding while being driven…BBBOOOINNNNGGG!!!! lol!

  17. Velvet

    Alie Malie – Sammy only wins by cheating. Where we used to live, we had a circle in our apartment and the dogs would run laps and chase each other. Sammy learned pretty early on, that he could just stay in the living room while Thora “chased” him through the bedroom, bathroom, living room and dining room. He is really lazy.

    Crazy Girl – I am thinking about you hourly. Honestly. Everytime I’m happy for a minute, I think about Jake and then I’m like, “Damn this sucks.”

    Tacoma – see above comment to Alie Malie – he’s a crazy dog, that’s for sure.

    Barbara – Um…hopefully mom doesn’t read today. She, uh, doesn’t know about the Harley. Shit. Better check the stats for Connecticut.

  18. Washington Cube

    This is the nicest thing you’ve posted in some time. You need more moments like this in your life. I don’t know what it says about any of us when dogs are happier and saner than humans.

  19. Luck O' the Irish

    Yippeeeee…you’re back! You could write about paper towels, or ovens, or whatever and I’d still read!

    Dogs are mucho cute-o. I think they need a sidecar and their own bike goggles. Maybe some doggie chaps.

  20. Wicked H

    Velvet the daredevil with the sidekick pups.


  21. playfulinnc

    I remember S and T at the beach chasing those birds…they have a great playmate in you!

  22. Chico's Bail Bonds

    These pictures and the story brought a smile to my face! Glad to see you back in the saddle or on the bike or whatever…

  23. VP of Dior

    maybe you could put them in those little sidecars that are attached to sides of motorcyles. what do you call them? i just remember in the old batman movie robin sat in ths sidecar!

  24. Siryn

    I have long arms, so no, it doesn’t hurt at all. 😀

    But it’s my pleasure to help.

  25. circumlocutor

    Such cute babies! I have two rowdy little boys you can adopt at your leisure.

    Someone should perhaps organize blogger-dogger Happy Hours. If I could bring the pigs, perhaps I’d show up.

  26. Katie

    Oh my god, dogs in a motherfucking sidecar! Yes! I’m kinda jealous… I want a Harley too… and yeah, the new header is lookin hot. Thank you for the public posts!

  27. Moni

    Fuckin’ adorable. Don’t you just love that dogs are always up to any kind of fun?

    Sigh… gotta love that.

  28. Melly Mel

    YEAH!!!!!!!!! I can read it again. Yea, uh, sorry about never remembering the password. I have been SO out of touch and what’s going on with you. Gotta get lunch again soon. Muwah!

  29. Alejandra

    OH these are great! Those dogs are impressive…Wish I could run like that…

  30. Reya Mellicker

    I’m even a bigger fan of your darling canines now that I got to spend an evening in their company. They’re extraordinary! Thora’s tail! It’s the very finest ever!

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