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OMG! I’m Like, Famous.

Okay, well, maybe not famous, but still…


  1. mysterygirl!

    Yay! Cute interview.

  2. I-66

    What? Walk them to the Lincoln? From there?

  3. m.a.

    Awesome. Yay, Velvet!

  4. I-66

    Did they send you all of the questions at once to fill out and send back?

  5. Velvet

    Yes. I had a few days to answer. Then we took the picture. I put my flip flops on the bench beside me and some homeless guy stole them.

  6. Phil


    Very nice, though I was quite certain I’d be listed as your favorite blog….

  7. Velvet

    Phil, if they asked about my favorite Atlanta blog, it would have been ALL YOU!

  8. homeimprovementninja

    Wonderland? I don’t even go there and I live a few blocks away. That place feels like you died and went to hipster heavan. If I see one more douchebag from fairfax in skinny jeans and an “ironic” t-shirt who wants to come to columbia heights for a gritty urban experience, I’m gonna c0ck-punch him and steal his wallet.

  9. Uncle Keith

    You look good from behind. Bet that’s not the first time you’ve heard that.

  10. zipcode

    Awesome interview………that biker bar sounds fun

  11. I-66

    So you walked home barefoot?

  12. allez oop

    Not sure if I had a hand in the best piece of dating advice, but I sure did appreciate your input/help! Nearly 14 months later and still going strong! Not sure I would have had so much faith without your recommendation.

  13. Lemmonex

    This is fantastic! Congrats.

  14. Red

    Great article! Your hair looks really good too!

  15. Dara

    Great article!

  16. suicide_blond

    ….youre my hero….
    i read that thing and started laughing remembering the time you shoved that dudes blackberry down your pants…its pretty much been hero worship since then…but this is cherry…
    way to kick it kiddo…

  17. Stoic

    What a great article. Good to see you getting a little bit of publicity.

  18. Marissa

    “Finish this sentence: Whenever I go on a date, I always bring . . . Mace.”

    I heart you.

  19. freckledk

    That’s badass. I can say I knew you when…

  20. bejeweled

    OMG!!! Yea you! I love the pic. Always shrouded in mystery but you did divulge some on you and Mr. X. Itching to hear more!!!

  21. cyndy

    Congratulations! It’s nice to see your blog being featured in the Washingtonian. Your lunch spot pick is one of my favorites too. The service at Bistrot du Coin is fast and efficient and the food is excellent and unpretentious.

  22. jordanbaker

    You’re so famous. And I’m so flattered.

  23. Sammy & Thora

    We love you and are so proud of you, Mommy!

  24. Talking Budgie


  25. wildbillthePirate

    If (and I’m not saying I would, but) If I wanted to find you, in DC, I wouldn’t go looking for you,I would just go looking for Sammy and Thora. I liked the way she gave an over-the bench glance back at the photographer. Good job but the article doesn’t even begin to do your blog justice. really!

  26. wildbillthePirate

    Pardon the kinda creepy way that was expressed, just that I think that I’d recognize Sammy or Thora if I saw them.

  27. Mr. X

    I still owe you a dinner for the best first date you have never been on? We went right to dessert – a lot of it. Made it the first course, not the last. I listened about all 44 in DC (although it seemed like 1,044) and realized it took just a little dessert at the reight time. And of course, “crank” (14 down AND across). Back and hair — perfect.

  28. Mr. X

    “right time”. Great, now I’ll hear about that.

  29. Velvet

    Mr. X – I don’t know if I told you about all 44, but at least the nuttiest of the bunch.

    Wild Bill – You wouldn’t be the first. People have come up to me with the dogs and said, “Is that Sammy and Thora?” In hindsight, it was perhaps a stupid thing to use their real names and put pictures of them online. Oh well. Thankfully I don’t have any more stalkers.

    Budgie & JB – Thanks!

    Cyndy – I used to only eat dinner there, but it’s much more European at lunch time with the windows in front, open.

    Bejeweled – Funny how we both end up in relationships after the past disaster-years…

    Marissa – Though it fell off my keychain, I need to re-work that whole security system.

    FK – I think my tour ends here so don’t you worry. Though my boss read my “other” blog and said, “Great, this will turn into a book which they will make into a movie then you can get me a bit part and I can quit working here!” HA.

    Stoic, Dara, Red, Lemmonex – Thank you!!

    Suicide Blond – I saw that guy on the street the other night. He was a major tool then and was still a tool the other night, walking down the street, yapping on his blackberry. I wonder if ever started that blog that makes fun of other blogs. I forgot the url. Maybe Freckled K remembers.

    Allez Oop – Of all the guys I dated, he was one of the keepers. At least I knew it then! See? I didn’t give any of the others a recommendation. I’m so glad you two found each other. He’s wonderful, as are you my friend.

    I66 – I brought a pair of heels to change into b/c I didn’t know what the picture was going to be of, however, I walked down there in flip flops. And that guy stole them! I saw him but I was too far away to get there in time. And once he touched them or put them on his feet, it was all over for me anyway.

  30. Not So Little Woman

    Love the picture!!

    Now that I am living in the DC area, I keep thinking I might run into you. When we went to Dupont Circle the other day, I kept looking for Sammy and Thora. 🙂

    (That sounds stalker-y, but it’s not, I promise. Basil needs friends is all)

  31. barbara

    The interview is so YOU! Were your parents just ecstatic that you were interviewed by Washingtonian? It is definitely the BIG TIME.

    I love knowing celebrities!

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