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Women Seeking Men; Murderers Need Not Apply

I know several people who found their spouses from Craigslist. I know people who found furniture from Craigslist. I know a lady who found and bought my Harley off the ad I placed on Craigslist. I know people who found apartments, cars, bikes from Craigslist. You see where this is going, right?

It was only a matter of time. Now we know that people have been killed for using Craigslist.

Warning: Using Craigslist may be hazardous to your health.

Generally speaking, anything you find on Craigslist should be tossed back like a hot potato. There are a few exceptions, but very few. I’ve become obsessed with this story. I cannot stop reading the news on it. I’ve dragged Cube, Phil and Hammer down with me.

I love when people say, “Oh it couldn’t have been him, he is such a great guy!” That’s my favorite part of the news whenever some idiot unravels and does something really stupid – all the idiots who come to his defense. Besides, I bet there were warning signs.   Think of all the times Sideshow Bob got loose and tried to kill Bart Simpson?   About 40% of the people I know right now who could snap and murder someone. And   when they came to interview me? I’d be all like, “Yep. I knew that mofo was going to slit someone’s jugular one of these days. I’m just glad it wasn’t me!”

A simple little name search for Philip Markoff on The Wedding Channel turns up their registry.   Because Pottery Barn yanked their registry list (I really wanted to see the Ginsu Knife Registry anyway) and because they pulled down their website AND their cache, I don’t have a lot to go on. Which brings me to a digression…how are they smart enough to get their website down and yank the cache which necessitates knowing the html code, yet, the idiot was too stupid to mask his IP address when soliciting hookers?

Anyway, one would have thought his fiancee would have been slightly clued in after what she wrote on their “story.” Right now it’s not rendering well in IE, so if you have Firefox, you’ll need to use that.)

Credits go to Phil for the “Editing!”

*By the way – people kept signing their guestbook last night and then getting deleted.


  1. Washington "I'm So Happy For You" Cube

    The fiancee was still acting like the wedding was on, poor thing. She must be in shock.

    Can you imagine gifts received? Sheets marked “Marriott Copley.” A box with tissue wrapped hotel sized soaps and sample shampoos. A Gideon Bible. The Book of Mormon. Two paper wrapped glasses. An ice bucket. A remote control wrapped with the room service menu and the bow made of the paper strip across the toilet so your gift says “Sanitized for your protection.”

    I still contend that these things the police found and aren’t discussing have other ties to bondage. I swear Velvet, you ditched those dildos too soon. A perfect shower gift, given the circumstances.

  2. mysterygirl!

    I think that this just shows how little we know about other people. I honestly think that the fiancee could have been blind-sided –there are plenty of killers who hide for years as the normal next-door neighbor– but I wish she would stop making statements while she’s obviously still in shock.

  3. Velvet

    Cube – Oh no. I’m in cleanout mode. Those vibes are in a better place. I think. Anyway, I wonder if any psychos are buying them gifts off the registry. I wouldn’t be surprised.

    MG – I don’t know…I think there were probably signs but she just ignored them. Or she played into them. Either he is a sexual deviant gone-wrong or he’s on one of those religious missions to clean the hookers off the streets. Either way, I’m unconvinced there wasn’t some glimmer of some sign that she didn’t pay attention to. Hindsight is always 20/20 and now I bet she’s looking back replaying things, wondering how she could have done it different.

  4. Velvet

    Finally, more news:

    But Markoff’s former medical school lab partner at Boston University said she is not surprised that he’s a suspect in the case because he had profound mood swings and often appeared “disturbed.”

    Markoff would appear warm and friendly one day, then be brooding and depressed the next day, Tiffany Montgomery told The Boston Globe. She was so troubled that she considered alerting school counselors that he might be suicidal.

    He spoke only when someone else initiated a conversation, and although he seemed nice, he was also “strange in a dark way,” she said.

    Police also said they found a semiautomatic weapon, duct tape and restraints what prosecutors called “critical, powerful” evidence in the couple’s Quincy apartment.

    I don’t know MG, I have to disagree with you. Based on what was just posted online, they found items of the dead girls in their apartment. How did this girl not know? Was she just so eager to get married that she ignored the signs?

  5. homeimprovementninja

    I think everybody has it in them. It wasn’t that many generations ago that we roamed the plains with pointed sticks and killed animals (and occassionally each other). I saw on the news this morning that someone who was $400k in debt (more housing mess?) killed his wife, kids, then himself. And it’s not just men, either. Remember Lorena Bobbit cutting off her husband’s wang?

    I hadn’t heard this craigslist story before, but I wonder if he snapped or whether it was a robbery gone wrong. In any event, I’ve never met a male med student who wasn’t an a-hole, so this is no shocker.

  6. Malnurtured Snay

    My guess is that the IT Dept at the Potter Barn pulled that stuff down, whereas they weren’t helping Mr. Markoff lure that woman to her death.

    Also, I found my job on Craiglist, and sometimes I wish I could throw that back.

  7. I-66

    It’s more exhilarating to have sex with someone when you don’t know whether you’re going to die at the end. It’s like Russian Roulette. Duh.

  8. LiLu

    I’ve found 4 apartments, 3 jobs, a cat, about 6 roommates, bought a car, sold a car, sold tickets and furniture on Craiglist.

    But that’s where I draw the line.

    God, I’m easy.

  9. Velvet

    Ninja – I guess some people have that little chip in them where they take things further than the place where the rest of our minds stop. Like me for instance. I’d contemplate and probably do a drive by water ballooning of someone I hated, but kill? Nah. But I have exes who I suspect could amp up the crazy, for sure. And if Fox5 news came to interview me, you bet your ass I’d tell them he was fully capable of it!

    Snay – I have heard of people finding jobs on Craigslist, and i had several interviews from there, but nothing good. All the companies were troubled or had issues. My brother aptly said, “If they are too cheap to place the $300 ad in the WaPo, then you don’t want to work there.” Point taken.

    I66 – HA!

    LiLu – Oh yeah…I make Mr. X sell his season tickets to the Operas because I don’t like the Opera and what I say, goes. Or something like that. Anyway, there’s help for people like you! I’m not sure where…but we’ll find it for you!

  10. Phil

    6 roomates and a cat and you’re still alive? That is bucking the odds, Lilu.

    Velvet – I hate that the jpeg is not clear – would it work better as a thumbnail that could be opened?

  11. Mr. X

    FYI – I read this occasionally. ViD, the response to LiLu – “and what I say, goes”. Hmmm. I’m thinking back to the other evening about “what I say, goes”. I don’t think you have it quite right.

  12. Washington "I'm So Happy For You" Cube

    I sold a porta potty on Craig’s List, and I was worried about meeting some stranger at an empty house. Death by porta potty.

    I’ve read lots of stories of female realtors being prey when showing houses.

    I agree, I think all of us are capable of anything.

    I do not think his meeting women and robbing them was solely for the money and gambling. I think there are definite domination-sadism issues there that haven’t quite surfaced yet.

    Many of these men have girlfriends or wives that they don’t torment and who are clueless what goes on in the man’s true mind. They are the veneer. The beard. The cover. Go looking for his secret storage place. Dig deep.

    Ted Bundy was considered charming and a law student. Clean cut. The works. That doesn’t stop these psychopaths from taking off your head and have you brining in some barrel.

    The fiancee better say her blessings this ended before they married, and she had children.

  13. Velvet

    Phil – is it better now? I loaded your new version.

    Mr. X, baaaaaby!! I’m supposed to look tough on here. Damn. One hogtie and one ball gag and you think you’re in charge now.

    Cube? Where did you get a porta potty? Because that is a story I know is going to be worth telling. I agree that the fiancee should be grateful. Seriously. When is she going to stop defending him already? Stop with the emails to ABC you dumb bitch because once they show that the IP off the email and the IP off the same email connecting with the now dead masseuse are one and the same, you’re going to feel realllllly stupid.

  14. Phil

    MUCH better.

    Now I know where I can pick up that snub-nosed, nickel plated .38 Phillip has had his eye on. Great for concealment, and hefty enough to pistol-whip someone if needed when wifey’s “not in the mood” (“I’ll give you a ‘headache’!!”).

  15. Washington "I'm So Happy For You" Cube

    The latest is that “souvenirs” (read: underwear of the victims) were found in his apartment with the weapons used. Yeah, to the fiancee. Just keep saying he didn’t do it.

  16. James, Etta

    Am I the ONLY one who thinks he’s kind of hot? Anyhoo, looking for a date or a massage client on craigslist is the equivalent of writing your name and number on a bathroom wall, preceded by the words “For a good time, call”

    All you guys and gals looking for dates and what-nots on craigslist should just run over to the Union Station stalls with a marker in hand!

  17. Washington "I'm So Happy For You" Cube

    If you’re going to be a serial killer, at least be smart about it. He’s a doofus.

  18. Siryn

    I sold furniture, and bought a bike and a bike rack off CL. Personals… always for jollies, never took it seriously. Won’t go back there again.

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