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What I Seem To Want…Well You Know I’ll Find a Way

I’m not sure which planets have aligned to allow the following to happen, but it is still a shocker.

You may recall our near miss in Delaware, where we almost latched on to some drunk in a Karaoke bar, sure she was X’s birth mother. Well, one of us was sure. X has found her. The contact he attempted through the agency finally reached his birth mother.

Guesssss where we’re going for Thanksgiving????????????? EEEEEE!!! Soooo exciting!

Have a happy Turkey Day everyone. I’ll be manning the video camera, trying not to cry, and making sure no one sneaks any bacon in my mouth as I’ll likely be the only vegetarian at Thanksgiving dinner in the country this Thursday.

In other news, I’m pushing my little “I’ll never work for anyone but myself again” plan into action. X mentioned something this weekend about how I need to come up with my company name so he can get my paperwork ready to file as a Small Business or something.

X: What are you thinking?
V: Something with Sammy and Thora’s name in it.
X: Are you serious?
V: Why? Would that be bad?
X: Uh. Yeah. You want people to take you serious.
V: But I love Sammy and Thora.
X: Jesus Christ. What am I getting myself into?


  1. Cyndy

    That is exciting! Happy Thanksgiving to you and Mr. X.

  2. Siryn

    Wow. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Phil

    “Sammy & Thora’s Butt Sniffers, Inc.”

  4. Former Recruiter

    I “majored” (if such a thing is possible in MBA-land) in entrepreneurial studies, and I’ve started a small business or two myself. Let me know if you want any help / advice; I’m at your service!

    (ulterior motive: love hearing about new business, would love to know more about what you are planning)

    Also, note the new e-mail address…

  5. freckledk

    You are meeting Mom?! Yay!

    I’m sure that it will be far better than the stuffing incident of Thanksgiving 2007 (as would anything, really).

    Have fun. Watch your mouth!

  6. Barbara

    Wow! I hope you will tell us what happened. I am already thinking ahead to her meeting your parents. I wonder how that will go?

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