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Standing Here Waiting As I’m Breaking in Two

When the plane hit the first tower and people in the other tower attempted to evacuate, 10 dollar an hour security guards directed, demanded by some reports, that everyone return to their desks. In hindsight, this of course seems to be the most asinine thing to happen. Someone with no knowledge of anything gave people information that led them to believe there was no imminent danger and it was safe to continue working. It cost many people their lives. Those security guards – they cost many people their lives because they didn’t know. I was part of a class in my graduate program which analyzed this situation. Ultimately the lesson learned was we are each responsible for our own fate and must operate at all times as if the information given to us is not fact, but rather something that may not have any basis in truth whatsoever.

The art of timing has managed to really fuck X and I. We’ve been operating on several assumptions presented to us by “people who were supposed to know.” People don’t always know, even when they say they do. I’m mad at myself, mostly because I studied the September 11th lesson. I should have known that even when it’s presented as fact, it isn’t always, and everything has to be questioned. We are trying to take control of the situation but are finding that we are losing control rather quickly and even though we did the best we could because “the people” told us so, it didn’t make it fact.

What is perhaps worse than losing control is that we’ve lost time. Being somewhere you didn’t expect to be and not being where you thought you would is really a mindfuck. And that is a reality we have to face every day.


  1. Dagny Taggart

    Ugh. Misinformation blows, regardless of intent. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that things work out for the best.

  2. mysterygirl!

    Hang in there. I hope that everything works out, and that all future information is good. Sending you good wishes!

  3. Barbara

    I have a fairly good idea what this might be about. I hope you beat the clock. It’s just human nature to trust those who are supposed to know, but sometimes they really don’t.

  4. JohnnyDC

    This little blog right here explains exactly how the federal govt works.

    Nobel peace price incoming.

  5. JohnnyDC

    prize, even?

  6. Tyler

    That’s not good to hear… Hope it all works out despite the bad information!!

  7. LiLu

    Sounds like some serious bull. Hoping everything works out, lady friend.


  8. Cyndy

    I know you’re talking about something completely different, but I know exactly how you feel about the lost time and the dishonesty. It totally sucks. I hope things work out better for you, and soon!

  9. pook

    Sorry Babe. The fact that you bring up 9/11 makes me realize how somber you feel.

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