I think about what my boss tells me that his golden rule is about land deals. “If they are not talking to you, they are talking to someone else.” The man is a genius about a lot of things. But this is something I just keep thinking about in relation to my personal life.

I feel like I’ve fallen into a trap. I believed all of what BoyFace said to me, because it seemed so genuine. ‘I’ve never felt like this about anyone Velvet.” Or, “You’re so amazing Velvet.” Now I look back and wonder if I’m just being played. I am of the belief that if someone likes you, then they want to talk to you. And no matter how busy they are, they find a way to call you or email you just to let you know that they are thinking about you. What makes all of this so much worse is the fact that before we met, he was emailing like nuts. Non-stop, all day. And once he had my number, he was calling or texting. All of that mysteriously stopped after the dating begins – and that’s the standard trick of every guy. You start out thinking, “Wow, this one is different.” But he isn’t. They all seem so awesome in the beginning, but then eventually end up becoming just like every other guy. Yup. I’m pissed. But I’m really just pissed at myself for thinking that, well, this time it could be different. I was wrong.