She’s gone. Finally. Thankfully. Peace and Quiet. Never thought I could appreciate it so much.

Before she left, however, leave it to her to screw one thing up for me. This morning she was on the phone with her mom making arrangements for her subsequent drop off. She busts into the bathroom where I am enjoying a leisurly pee (hello, privacy?) and hands me the phone and says it’s someone whose name she doesn’t know. I look at the phone, and it’s the Hungarian. I tell him I have to call him back because the child is on the phone with her mom. I could not stop laughing, because I had basically decided to handle this my usual way and not handle it at all. So my plans were to not answer the call and not return the call if and when it came. But there went that plan.

After I dropped the child off and came back, I cleaned (kids really make a mess) and then I passed out asleep. I woke to the phone ringing. It was the Hungarian again. Why is it that the guys you don’t know what to do about and don’t want to talk to are the ones who call you a bunch of times and the ones you really want to talk to never call you. WTF?? So I pick up in my sleepy voice and he’s like, “Are you sleeping?” I said yes. He said “A nine year old wore you out?” I said “Yes.” Then he just starts a conversation. Didn’t I just say I was sleeping? I said, “Can I just talk to you tomorrow?” He goes “Do you want to see me tomorrow?” I said, “Can I think about it when I wake up?” And he practically hung up. He goes, “Ok, fine. Bye.” And that was that. Back to my first impression of him – if you are going to get nasty and snotty when you hear something you don’t like, then, fuck off.

Christ am I in a bad mood. We lost a deal on Thursday in Arlington and the major one in D.C. on Friday. I officially have nothing to do tomorrow except find something to do.