Haven’t heard from BoyFace. He must be VERY busy waiting for a phone call from a woman who is never going to call. Ok, won’t keep you in suspense any longer. Here it goes, the summation of yesterday’s pow wow, in email form. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Keep in mind, he’s in BOLD.

I’ll give you all some time to digest this. Then I’ll post what he wrote to me, and we can compare notes and realize what an asshole he is.

On 07/28/2005 10:47 am EDT, BoyFace wrote:
Yes, your pictures are really nice (I admit it) but it’s actually what you wrote that had me smiling and made me want to write (It’s a good thing I can read). I would love to know more about you. BoyFace

On 07/28/2005 04:53 pm EDT:
Hi yourself.
What would you like to know?

On 07/28/2005 05:54 pm EDT, BoyFace wrote:
Do you live here in the city, or are you just staying in your summer house until you fly back to Paris to model for the new Fall Catalogs and more “cheesy” photos?(They didn’t look cheesy – they looked like you were having fun) Are you originally from here? School here? What do you do now? Your profile said you work in entertainment. It must involve writing, because I’m still smiling from what you wrote.And I know why I’m on the Yahoo personals…I’m just wondering what you’re doing here. BoyFace

On 07/28/2005 06:04 pm EDT:
Hi again,

Well, I’m here because I’m tired of the bar scene. Why are you here? Have you been doing it long? Have you had any luck. I haven’t met anyone in person yet, have you?

On 07/29/2005 10:18 am EDT, BoyFace wrote:
Hi…I’m here because I think most people are more comfortable getting to know someone this way, more willing to ask questions, find it easier to answer. I wrote in my profile that whenever I go out with friends, I always hear women asking eachother where all the good guys are, and I have to laugh when they do that because I’m usually sitting at the next table, or I’m standing in line right in front of them, but if you try to say hi or even make eye contact, they’re just too shy. Maybe it’s easier for them to see guys like me here instead of out there.But I haven’t been doing this very long, just a couple of weeks. I’ve looked at the profiles before and I finally decided to do this because I see people like you that intrigue me and I wonder what they’re like, so I put my picture in and I wrote something about myself. A lot of people want to meet in person, but I’ve only done that once. She was nice but there wasn’t any chemistry. I’m very drawn to confidence and if someone makes me laugh, I’m interested.

On 07/29/2005 10:36 am EDT:

I’m not sure about meeting people this way. I’ve done it a couple times but it with various results. I’ve got a lot of freaks over here, but we’ll see how it all shakes out. I don’t plan to do it for very long, that’s for sure. I’m very wary of the whole thing. And I usually meet enough people in my day to day life anyway.

So what makes for good chemistry for you? How do you end things with someone when there isn’t? I’ve never been good at coming right out and saying “this isn’t working” but usually that doesn’t need to happen. They usually get it by my behaviors. It’s sort of hard to talk to people like this and there’s all this buildup and you go out. What did you do when it wasn’t right?


On 07/29/2005 10:59 am EDT, BoyFace wrote:
Hi.Wow. It sounds like you’ve had the same problems with people. I definitely don’t want to do the personals thing much longer. I would rather meet people in person, but some of the people that have responded to my profile are scary, so I haven’t.I have a hard time also telling someone that it’s just not going to work out. I don’t think I’m any better at it.I think physical attraction is that initial thing that brings two people together, and makes them want to take that chance and say something, but after that, you either click or you don’t. I think something happens and you just know, or you feel that you want to know this person more. Like when I saw your pictures, the modeling ones were nice (and I’m sure you get a lot of messages), but what made me read more about you were the two where you weren’t modeling. So I was drawn in, and then I read what you wrote. Usually, I get to someone’s profile and you can tell there’s nothing original, nothing worth pursuing. They say things like, “My friends tell me that I’m cute and funny!” Give me a break. But I read your “More about me” and I was laughing and wanting to know more about you, and it was nice, because I usually do more responding than contacting.

On 07/29/2005 11:15 am EDT:

Those other two pictures are from Glamour Shots. So they are awful to me too but it’s all I have. Like I said, I meet a lot of people in my normal daily life and people are always setting me up, but this is something that I can control a little better. There’s nothing like being on a bad blind date or something, then having to go back and tell your friends he had spinach stuck in his teeth the whole time.

I agree on the physical attraction stuff as well, but that’s so hard to peg online. You really do have to meet in person. By the way, do you have a fake leg or a glass eye? I once dated a guy with a fake leg and we were walking down a beach and he got stuck in the sand.

I’m guessing that you never told the girl you met that there was no chemistry – or did she have no chemistry with you either? That would be easiest of course.


On 07/29/2005 11:57 am EDT, BoyFace wrote:
I’m still laughing…I’m just picturing you walking down the beach with this guy and you’re talking to him and looking out at the horizon and having a nice time, and then you realize that you’ve been talking and walking by yourself for awhile because he’s still back there stuck in the sand. Sorry, now I feel bad. I’m sure he was a nice guy. No, I don’t have a fake leg…or a glass eye…and I know the rule about eating spinach on a first date. :)Do you really think that the other two pictures of you are ‘awful’?I don’t. And no, it was hard to tell her that there was no chemistry, but I usually do. I beleive in being honest when I think someone can handle it or when you’ve gotten to know someone and you both have something invested in eachother, then definitely, but if you just met and there is no connection, I just hope that the other person gets it. What do you do? And do you think that you would ever go out with someone from the personals again?What if we make a deal? If we ever decide to meet in person, we’ll just be up front with eachother and if either of us really does have a fake leg or a glass eye or spinach between our teeth or we realize that there just isn’t any chemistry, then we’ll just agree that it’s not going to work out. 🙂 But I don’t go on first dates expecting to fall head over heels (don’t get me wrong. That would be amazing). Instead, I just go to have a good time with someone that I think I want to get to know better. No expectations. That makes what ever happens even better. I think if we ever did decide to hang out in person, that we would at least spend the whole time making eachother laugh and comparing stories.

On 07/29/2005 12:13 pm EDT:

Yes, the beach thing was funny after the fact. Not while it was happening though. He lost his leg in a shark attack if you can believe that. Well, I’m not sure what it was, a baby shark, fish with teeth or what, but he was on vacation when it happened, which was a year before I met him. It was an interesting relationship to say the least.

There’s something to be said for honesty, and it’s a good rule of thumb to be honest from the start, even if it’s to tell someone there’s no chemistry. Unfortunately for me, more people end up having chemistry with me than I do with them. It makes it tricky, but I usually just come out and tell them like you did. So we’re off to a good start, you and me. 🙂

I haven’t gone out with anyone from yahoo this time, but last time I tried I did and it didn’t go well. But, yes, of course I would try it again. Honestly, I’m getting bombarded with emails, but most of them, if they are even worth answering, peter out in a few exchanges. You’ve definitely piqued my interest.

I have a boring job. Telecom sales. But I have lots of free time to do whatever I need to during the day.

How long does it take you to decide if you do want to hang out with someone in person? 🙂 And yes, it does sound like it would be fun. By the way, you are very attractive.


On 07/29/2005 02:05 pm EDT, BoyFace wrote:
Thank you. I’ve been thinking the same thing about you. I just figured that everyone you talk to probably focuses on how attractive you are and not on getting to know who you are or what matters to you, and I’m really interested, so I didn’t tell you yet that I think you are very attractive (I do). I guess I was caught up in our conversation, and wanted to know more about you.I think I know fairly early when I want to hang out with someone in person (or when I don’t). I’ll tell you a secret…I knew that you would be very cool to hang out with after our first couple of messages to eachother, but I’m not in a hurry. Usually, someone will write to me and we spend awhile talking about work or how long we’ve lived in DC or what we do on the weekends. I think you are the first person I’ve talked to where we skipped all of that. It’s nice. What you’ve written is smart and funny and engaging. And I love talking to someone that can look at things from a different angle and isn’t shy about what they think. That is why I decided to finally do the personals thing, but I didn’t really expect to meet someone like you.I’m sorry your job is boring, but I was imagining getting a call from you and I laughed thinking that we would probably end up talking for an hour…I wish I had more time for myself during the day. BoyFace

On 07/29/2005 03:03 pm EDT:
Hi BoyFace,

Well, you seem to be finding enough time to write to me today, so I guess you have a bit of free time, right? Speaking of which, what do you do for work?

You’ve decided you would like to hang out with me but you are not in a hurry? Hmm. Ok, I’ll take that. Should I date other men between now and then or should I hold out for you? 🙂

I’ll bet you would like talking to me! I have been told I have a sexy voice. It helps in telecom. What kind of conversation would we have? I have to admit that I enjoy talking to you too, but some of what you say does sound like you are feeding me a line. I can only wonder how many other unsuspecting women you’ve wooed with your charms! It’s ok though. I’ll blow them all away!

What else? Sports you play? Volleyball on the Mall? Go to a gym? Like baseball? Play poker? I don’t do any of that really except volleyball. And I run. Usually 4-5 miles a day but not today – too rainy.

Any good plans this weekend?


On 07/29/2005 04:32 pm EDT, BoyFace wrote:
Hi Diane,I didn’t mean that I’m not in a hurry to meet you. I would definitely like to hang out with you. 🙂 Feel free to date other men between now and then. :)I’ve been told I have a sexy voice also. Hmmm. Maybe I should go into telecomm sales. For now though, I work downtown. I’m sorry that some of what I’ve said sounds like lines, but I meant what I said. You’ll just have to see for yourself. :)I live in Foggy Bottom near Georgetown, and when I’m not at work I box at a gym downtown and run at night when I get home from work (but probably not tonight). Surprisingly, I have no plans this weekend. You caught me when I’ll be all by myself. :)I would really like to call you, but if you feel more comfortable I can give you my number…BoyFace

On 07/29/2005 04:47 pm EDT:
Hi there,

Boxing….rrrrrrr….very sexy. No plans? How could someone as sweet and good looking as you not have any plans. I don’t believe that.

Sure, give me your number. I’ll call you. My phone has a perm. block on it because of work. We don’t give out our numbers. Funny huh? Well, not that I can’t give it to you, but I will come up as “No Name” or “Private”.

Unfortunately, I do have some plans this weekend. But now I’m thinking that I would like to just meet you. 🙂

On 07/29/2005 05:21 pm EDT, BoyFace wrote:
D,My # is (deleted). I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Velvet Commentary:

This mofo never said we had no chemistry. The closest he came was, “Wow Velvet, you’re so amazing. I’ve never felt like this with anyone before. I’m blown away.” Yup, I really caught that hint that he had no chemistry.