Friday night Sara and I came back from Adam’s Morgan and found a great parking spot on 17th Street, right in front of my building. There was one problem though. This stupid cabbie double parked where we needed to pull the car so that we could back in. So Sara ends up pulling in forward like George Costanza’s nemesis on Seinfeld and this guy on the sidewalk who looks incredibly like Tim McGraw helps us. It took forever, but don’t let anyone tell you that pulling in forward can’t work. It sure takes a long time, but it is possible.

So we get out of the car and Sara wants to buy Tim McGraw a drink. Nothing against him, but I wasn’t feeling it. I wanted to hang out with my neighbors and watch t.v. Anyway, Sara went with him and then they went out again on last night. I had noticed when we met him that he has long fingernails, which is something you don’t really see on a guy. But in Dupont Circle, well, it’s kind of the norm to see things out of the norm. I asked Sara about the long fingernails today. Here’s a re-enactment of that conversation.

Sara: “I didn’t know that you noticed his fingernails were long.”
Me: “How could you miss?”
Sara: “Well, he said he just needs to cut them and he hasn’t gotten around to it in a while.”
Me: “That’s just odd for a guy. I’m suspicious that he might be bi.”
Sara: “Really? Well he said he keeps his pinky nails long anyway.”
Me: “Why? Is he into coke?”
Sara: “No, but he said people always ask him that. He isn’t.”
Me: “So why does he do it?”
Sara: “I don’t want to tell you. You’re going to think it’s gross.”
(I think that anything having to do with unclean hands is gross.)
Me: “Tell me.”
Sara: “He uses them to clean his ears. He doesn’t believe in Q-Tips.”
Me: “This conversation is over.”
Sara: “I never should have told you. Now you are going to tell everyone.”
Me: “Hell yeah I am, and I’m going to post it on the blog.”