A fucking great day, other than the humidity.

I had left HarleyRider a message back last night and he called me this morning on his way to work. We talked for about 20 minutes. I like him a little more, it was more at ease and not forced. No one so far has the intelligence of the dude I was in love with. (damn him for popping up in my mind) or the Hungarian, but we can hope. At least HarleyRider is fucking hot.

The situation with Jackie, Diane and BoyFace ended. It’s a better story told in person and not in print. Unless of course you can read between the lines…in an upcoming email. Wink wink.

And finally, as I spent my entire afternoon laughing at the happiness of my day, this next event happens. Guess who just called and asked me out???? The instructor of my motorcycle class. Guess this one’s name is MotorcycleInstructor. Ka-Ching! Meeting him in Rockville for dinner at 8. This is so funny, I was telling Helen how hot he was and that I wanted to set her up with him, but now I think that’s done. He’s one of those cool, untouchable types. It’s like, he’s too cool for dating. I did scope out that he has no wedding band, but that’s about all I know. I’m a dating machine. I’m pretty excited about this one.