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I’m a Man Who Doesn’t Know How to Sell a Contradiction

More quotes from Karma Chameleon. It’s a spot-on song for this occasion. (Love the Brits.)

Well, BoyFace wrote back to Diane. He’s ignoring Jackie though, and she sent a very sweet message to him that she would like to still meet up. Poor Jackie. Cast to the side because she’s no longer a challenge. Here’s his highly charged, emotional response to Diane:

On 08/10/2005 10:21 am EDT, BoyFace wrote:
D,I’m not sure who you are talking about (your friend “knows someone” that I’m using the same material on? what material?).
I never said that I didn’t see your message because someone hacked my profile. I said I had to leave work early on Friday. When you emailed back to me and said you wanted to meet on Saturday, I had already left. I didn’t see it until Monday.
And I didn’t have any other way to get in touch with you. That’s why I gave you my cell phone number. And if you had a bad instinct about me already, why did you want to meet me? It never seemed when we were talking that you had already decided that you didn’t trust me.
On Monday afternoon, Yahoo TOLD me that my profile, my email and all of my messages had been hacked into and deleted. Why would I make that up and then try to get back in touch with you? Because I’m a ‘liar or a loser’? And why do you think that ‘I would have to piss someone off to get hacked’? The people at Yahoo said it happens to users all of the time.
I’m really sorry that I missed your message on Friday and that you don’t trust me and think I’m a liar. I’m not sure what that is about or who these people are that claim to know me and have the same conversations. It’s too bad, because I would have really liked meeting you. BoyFace

So he’s taken a hit to his ego. Good. And Diane is out of the picture. But we still have little Jackie to torture him, send him all around town and be a thorn in his side.

Now, in MY news… MotorcycleInstructor has not stopped calling me. I’ve like, obtained an insta-boyfriend. How this happened I have no clue. There’s already talk (all on his part, mind you) of me and other guys and fishing around about it. When I think the calls are done, it’s like, “Call me when you are in bed.” It’s hard to go from being totally solitary and happy about that to having this instant relationship in my life. Trying to scale it back, but, Christ, there’s the phone. He’s calling now. Ok, so I’m talking and writing. Fab.

No call from HarleyRider and R (the one I’m not sure of) but I did get an email from someone on match today who I was writing to last week. So perhaps I’ve thrown another one in the mix – Brian. He’s really damn good looking. Gotta keep it rolling, I have a blog to write. “I’m a journalist now.”


  1. Lil

    Well, this blog of love-bites from your ex-dude is an edition of untuned sex-in-the-city that involves drama, drama, drama! Can’t believe that even in, weirdness happens.

    Can’t wait to hear your upcoming blogs if you become “extra” intimate with motorcycle instructor. Bet you he’s good at revving up the engine :>, since he’s going to teach you to ride like a pro.

    PS: Thank god you allow for comments.

  2. Anonymous

    Is this Lil, as in “Shut up, Lil”?

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