Thanks Sara for making the connection that BoyFace is like a Chameleon – he changes his tune and his colors to match whatever the girl he’s talking to is saying so that she is blinded into thinking that they have a lot in common. It made us sing Karma Chameleon, and then read the lyrics, and there you have today’s title.

Now, a lot of you have been asking for the ability to make comments. I have turned the comment button on. Just sign them so we know who is writing what. And be nice (Holly!!)

On to my life.

Diane wrote back to BoyFace. This saga is officially history:

Sure. I believe you. Someone “hacked” into your profile and you never saw my message. If you are even telling the truth, which I doubt, then you must have really pissed someone off. Which tells me that my instincts are right, and something is not right with you.

For your information, I was telling a friend of mine on Friday about our possible date on Saturday. She’s pretty careful about these internet things and suggested I give her as much information as possible. Imagine my surprise when she said that another friend of hers is also conversing with you and apparently you use a lot of the same material. Funny that this would happen, but just in time for me. You saved me from wasting any more time with you, allowed me to continue on with other more promising prospects and placed yourself into the category where 95% of the online men belong: LOSERS & LIARS.

The little mofo won’t be able to figure out which of his many girls it is, and he certainly can’t start asking around because how the hell would he do that? “Uh, hello Amanda, do you have a friend that I’m also trying to use the same lines on?”

Now, Jackie has to come back with something and then it’s done. Promise. I still think Jackie should try to meet him out somewhere.

In other news…I woke up to a bunch of text messages from MotorcycleInstructor. They include “Can’t stop thinking about you this morning” and “I had a really good time last night and can’t wait to do it again.” How do I find these people that come on so strong? Then he called me and was like, “What are you doing?” I was home working, as usual. He said he was coming by and he did. We ate lunch downstairs in the Internet Cafe, then hung out upstairs, played kissy face for a little bit, then he left. At one point I said that we probably should have waited to get involved until after I was done with the class and the test. He just started laughing at me. No clue why. Sounds like a smart idea now, but I jump in with both feet first so what the hell do I know. At least the guard is still up. I’m not letting myself get swept away with any of this madness.