It’s come to my attention via the comments that there are possibly some readers of this blog who stumbled across me by accident, and who are not known to me. This is FABULOUS! I am very excited, but can one of the anonymous posters let me know how they found me? I’m dying to know.

On to my life: Uh oh.

I’ve resolved to stop with the games and just let myself be swallowed into the whirlwind that is MotorcycleInstructor. So this morning, while he’s teaching about a dozen people how to maneuver their motorcycles around the lot, he sent me a text message. “Good Morning Baby.” We sent a bunch of messages back and forth, then I had to head up to College Park to go to IKEA. I asked him if he needed anything because it is like 105 out there today. So he calls me and says, “Will you come by and say hi?” So I did. And this guy who was actually in my class was there practicing and he’s like, “What are you doing here?” I’m not that slick, as well all know, and not quick on my feet. So I made some stuff up about having a question. MotorcycleInstructor came down to say hi and sat in the car with me for a few minutes. You know, he left all those people up there to ride around on their own. It’s gotta make you think about just how into me he is.

Anyway, we’ve had a few conversations today and will probably see each other tonight. I want Sara to meet him. He is wonderful. I don’t know why I’m playing such games with him. Of course I won’t disappoint you all and put another halt to the dating life, but, I don’t want to mess this up either. It will be a delicate, tricky balance.

Eating dinner with BestGuyFriend-M. Hopefully something Indian. I’m craving curry.