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Cause There’s a Place Inside My Heart That Tells Me Holdout

MotorcycleInstructor came over last night. Hee hee hee. Actually, we had plans to get together last night, but the night got away from both of us (dinner and drinks with BestGuyFriend-M, Blondie & Boston for me, meeting for him.) So it’s 9:00 and we’re talking about getting together but he has to be at BWI (Baltimore Airport for those of you not in the know on the local crap) at 11:00 to pick up his friend. He’s in Takoma Park and he says he’s thinking about how he can come see me to just say hi and give me a few kisses before he has to go. I’m “very busy” at this point watching all my old 80’s heavy metal hair band videos searching for evidence of motorcycles that I can get ideas from.

He came to me, needless to say. I’m so lazy. We were laying on my bed and he was kissing my neck, but I was looking up at the TV, and he caught me! (“Baaaaaby, it’s Great White!”) He was like, “I can’t believe that I came all the way here for you to keep your eyes on the TV.” Sigh, I know.

Today we talked and he mentioned he hired some guy to help him do the classes on the weekends. I asked if he was hot. It’s a normal question. The answer I got was this: “Are you trying to get yourself punched in the nose?” I said, “Hey, you never said I couldn’t date other people.” He said he was going to remember that. I’m sure he will.

The past few days of 80’s heavy metal videos revisited will be evident in my titles for days to come. Enjoy!

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  1. Anonymous

    What are you doing to this guy? I know, I’m a pussy (at least according to Team America, which Rob and I finally finished watching last night). Do you like this guy or what??


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