Annoying phone tag all weekend with MotorcycleInstructor. Who knows what’s going on. I certainly don’t. I was totally entrenched in this game, then, I realized I might be playing alone. Oh well. I’m back on the prowl anyway once again. I’m on Yahoo and Match. We’ll see what I come up with this week. Ha ha.

He called tonight and we really had test of wills going back and forth. I told him he was nagging me and he said I need to learn how to talk to him and then he said something like, “You so obviously have not had a man in a long time.” (Duh, we all read about it in the Washington Post, didn’t we?) Anyway, he was on my ass about not calling him last night in the midst of the Dana-birthday-celebration and I told him I was drinking and he probably would not have wanted to be there anyway. He said he worries about me because I’m his “baby.” I told him to not back me into a corner with his requests. (Ha ha, get it? No one puts baby in a corner? Oh forget it.) I’m not faring so well in this game, that’s for sure. I’m not ready to be swallowed into a “we” status, and he seems headed there. I do like my freedom.

Scorecard: Potentially zero. Will know more tomorrow.