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Don’t Pet My Dog And Certainly Don’t Mess With My Birds Or My Bees

Dear Sammy:

I am in love with you. You are the only man for me. I love how you are always so excited to see me. I love sharing my bed with you. I love your soft little snore, your eyes that are so filled with love and the way you scratch your itchy skin like a little nerd. You are the love of my life. Thanks for being the one to see me through all these bad dates and loser boyfriends.



  1. The Fag Up the Block

    Sammy Rules!!! Whats up with your thyroid…you know I struggled all last year with mine (its dead now). Had fun on Saturday…and your are such the good citizen.

  2. Anonymous

    I loved that. I resonated with alot of what you said about your Mom. Different circumstances, different story line, same damage. Sigh.

  3. HomeI'mprovementNinja

    My first Dog(s) ever was(were) named Sammy. He looked liked yours, except his ears stood up (he was a German Shephard/Retriever mix).

    I think I was like 3 or 4 years old and unbeknownst to me, Sammy got hit by a car and died. Since my parents didn’t want me to know, they got me another puppy from the same litter and named him Sammy. That dog, luckily, lived to a ripe old age.

    My brother tried to explain to me what happened when we first got him but I didn’t get it.

    Him: No, that’s Sammy, but it’s another Sammy.
    Me: Huh? Look it’s sammy.
    Him: Yeah, dummy, it’s sammy, but its not the sammy from yesterday, it’s another sammy.
    Me: Huh? Look it’s sammy.
    Him: Arrrrghhh!

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