I went to the lot to practice riding again. MotorcycleInstructor and I got there at the same time, and the other girl there to practice showed up a few minutes after. He’s playing it cool I think. During the few minutes we had to talk, he said he would see me later on tonight. (Psst, it’s 11:00 and he’s not here right now, so, wanna guess where this is going?) Anyway, I told him I had some things to do anyway (uh, my “It’s Just Lunch” date) and we could meet up later, but to not call me at midnight. He said he had some stuff to do too. I said, “What might you be up to?” And he shows me his left hand and says, “I don’t see a ring there, do you? I don’t have to tell you.” Jesus. Did we just switch places in this thing?

Then, at 7, I had my date in Cleveland Park. We established early on that he’s a smoker, and that’s a deal breaker for me, so we can’t date. He’s also 29, which might be too young for me, but he seems mature enough and he has an incredible personality. We spend a couple hours trading dating sagas, It’s Just Lunch complaints, and part ways. I emailed him the Evite to the bash I’m having on the 10th. And that’s that.

On my way out of the metro, I call MotorcycleInstructor. He says, “It’s late, I know.” I’m as sweet as I can possibly be, because Abby told me that I’ve been a bitch. He says he still has to drop a bike off at his friends or something and blah blah blah he’ll call me later. That was 2 hours ago. Ok.

1) MotorcycleInstructor: evaporating quickly
2) DamascusBoy: Putting on sneakers, about to get in the race
3) Guy from Greek website: Buying sneakers, getting ready to stretch. We’ll go out next week. The GreekWonder.
4) Jeff from match.com who was in Bolivia: Still in Bolivia, re-established contact, will possibly connect when he gets back to DC.